Thursday, October 29, 2009

Randi + Pantry Ghost... Debunk?

Grey Behind Bush Debunk

"Gas Station Ghost" RECUT

3 Men and a Baby Ghost Debunk

Mirror Ghost Girl Debunk

Japanese ghost videos 9

japan ghosts videos 24

Evidence of a past life (reincarnation)

Reincarnation Proof of True Story Caught on Camera That Shocks The World !

True Stories of Horror - The Philippines

Japanese programme - UFO part 1

Japan programme - UFOs

Japanese programme - Ghost video part 2

Japan programme - Ghosts Videos

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Female Ghost-Pontianak Commercial

##Very Funny Malaysian Commercial## - For more funny videos, click here

Strange cloud in Moscow - UFO?

Glow in the Dark Parade

Hong Kong Disneyland Halloween Parade

Hong Kong Disneyland Halloween opening

Halloween 2 Trailer

History of Halloween

Halloween History

Funny Scary Pranks

Scary Newscast

Halloween Prank news

Capturing Ghost in Malaysia school

Funny Fall

Supernatural in India

Supernatural revealed

Secret of Levitation in India

Japan Ghost Girl

UFO sighting on Singapore news - July, 2009

Ghost caught on tape!

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