Tuesday, November 3, 2009

UFO sends St Petersburg residents scrambling for cameras, Video

Earlier this month a number of residents in the Russian city of Saint Petersburg witnessed a UFO hovering just above their inner-city apartment buildings. At least one witness managed to film the UFO with a camera phone.

The UFO appeared to be triangular in shape with three glowing, neon, blue lights arranged at sixty degree angles. The craft appeared out of nowhere and floated above the city before vanishing into the night sky. The two unnamed witnesses interviewed in this clip are certain that what they saw and recorded was not of earthly origin.

Days later we still talk of the event as if it was some kind of miracle. Prior to this I was the last person to believe that aliens are visiting our planet in UFOs but now I am re-considering my attitudes’.

This UFO sighting comes hot on the tail of an announcement by one of Russia’s leading geologists, Professor Alexander Portnov, that human beings probably originated on Mars and were brought to Earth by aliens around 10,000years ago after a catastrophic climate shift left that planet uninhabitable.

Professor Portnov bases this theory partly on images taken by NASA’s exploration rover, 'Spirit', that show possible remains of artificial structures and evidence of a once thriving eco-system.

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