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Astronomer warns of potential hostile aliens

Aliens might not be friendly, warns astronomer

Scientists searching for alien life should get governments and the UN involved lest we unwittingly contact hostile extraterrestrials, a British astronomer has warned.

The caution comes as more experts argue that the search for intelligent life should be stepped up.

Mr Marek Kukula, public astronomer at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, said: "Part of me is with the enthusiasts and I would like us to try to make proactive contact with a wiser, more peaceful civilisation."

But he warned: "We might like to assume that if there is intelligent life out there it is wise and benevolent, but of course we have no evidence for this.

"Given the consequences of contact may not be what we initially hoped for, then we need governments and the UN to get involved in any discussions," he told The Sunday Times.

This week a two-day conference is being held at the Royal Society in London, titled, 'The detection of extraterrestrial life and the consequences for science and society.'

There is also an astrobiology conference in Texas in April at which new methods of detecting aliens will be discussed.

Douglas Vakoch, director of interstellar message composition at the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Institute in California, told the paper: "My personal view is that being more active is a worthy strategy. There is more serious talk of it, though not at the institute level."

Professor Simon Conway Morris, a Cambridge University evolutionary biologist, will be talking at the Royal Society on 'Predicting what extraterrestrial life will be like – and preparing for the worst."

He thought that, given that the principles of Darwinian evolution should be universal, it was "inevitable" that intelligent life would have developed elsewhere in the universe given the right environmental conditions.

"If that is correct – and it applied to manipulative skill – then that suggests there should be alien technologies," he said.

Some scientists are puzzled as to why no messages have been sent back even though humans have been transmitting radio and television signals for the last century.

Prof Conway Morris reasoned that if he were in their shoes "I'm not sure I'd answer the telephone."

Gypsy Cemetery minisode

The Illionois Paranormal Research Association investigate Gypsy Cemetery.

Opportunity making tracks on Mars

Six years after landing on Mars, our rover Opportunity keeps trekking along. Her most recent find -- a basketball-sized rock -- may harbor clues about the planet's interior.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Consiract Theory - 2012

Do scientists really believe Earth is headed for disaster in 2012 ? Is our government secretly planning to save and protect the elite - while leaving the rest of us to fend for ourselves ?

Video : White Sands UFO

Strange object filmed at White Sands, New Mexico in 1996.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Malaysian Ghost Research - Mysterious Dark Shadow and EVPs.

Malaysian Ghost Research - Mysterious Figure in Motion.

This video recording is believed to have recorded a mysterious anomaly that is believed to be a spirit/ghost entity. This school was the ground where many people lost their live through prosecution...

Shocking attack of demons and ghosts caught on tape

Widow of Roswell General speaks out the "UFO"

Captivating and credible testimony recently obtained from the elderly widow of a highly-placed U.S. Air Force General reveals that the Roswell crash of 1947 was in fact an extraterrestrial event. Her confession affirms that the true nature of the wreck has been shrouded in secrecy for decades- even from those at the highest levels of government.

Her husband, General Harry Nations Cordes, who possessed Top Secret/SCI clearance, was uniquely positioned to be "in the know" on such matters. Perhaps no other military man in history can lay claim to having been stationed at Roswell Army Air Field in July of 1947; later with Wright Patterson Air Force Base; to have worked at Area 51; been employed by the CIA; to have acted as Deputy Chief of Staff at Intelligence Headquarters for the Strategic Air Command (SAC) and still later to have led many intelligence functions at the Pentagon.

The Cordes story is a telling one- and leaves little doubt that what fell from the skies to the desert floor in New Mexico six decades ago was not from Earth.

General Harry N. Cordes

Harry Cordes graduated from Emory University in Atlanta, GA and received an MBA from the George Washington University in Washington, DC. Shortly after the outbreak of WWII, duty called and Harry enlisted in the Army Air Force, graduating first in his class at navigation school. There, his love of flying developed and he was accepted for flight training as a pilot. Spanning over four decades, Cordes' career involved him in many historical events. He flew over 25 types of different planes. He flew combat and reconnaissaince missions in Europe, the Pacific, and Vietnam. Gary Powers, who gained global attention during the height of the Cold War, served under Cordes.Cordes was a U-2 pilot and was the first human to fly in a space suit. Cordes saw action in the Bay of Pigs, the Cuban Missille Crisis and the A-Bomb tests at Bikini Atoll. He served at the highest level of decision-making for many of the nation's most confidential matters, including "Star Wars" - the Strategic Defense Initiative.


In 1947 Cordes was stationed at Roswell (RAAF) as a Radar Operator. It was there that he met he met Rogene, his future wife. Rogene's father's cattle and sheep ranch was adjacent to the Roswell crash site. It is Rogene Cordes with whom this author has had extensive dialogue over several months. It is Rogene Cordes -the General's widow- who felt compelled in the winter of her life to now tell all about what she and her husband knew about the Roswell crash and its history-making implications.


Both Rogene and Harry were well aware of the crash of a "flying disk" at the time of its occurence in the summer of 1947. As Roswell residents at the time, they read the papers and they personally knew many of the involved principals. But it was not until the 1980s when the Roswell story was brought back into the public eye that they began to discuss the meaning of the event and the truth of what has crashed there. Rogene recounts that she knew her husband knew much about the incident. She too wanted to know what really had happened.

Rogene told me that she used every tool she could to get him to talk. This included what she called "beauty" and "pillow talk" to coax him to reveal more about what he knew about the crash. Harry told her that he was not physically at the base the week of the crash and that he was on travel during that time period. She hints that she did not believe that he told her all that he knew. When she pressed him further he told her, "many of the guys there knew what had really happened. But it was a matter of duty to country to never talk." Finally, after repeated attempts, Harry told her, "I was a radar operator at RAAF as you know. The object was flying and it was unidentified. The machine was tracked by White Sands radar and those folks didn't know what the hell was happening." She pressed further. She said, "Just tell me, was it a balloon?" Harry replied, "It was no balloon. Jesse Marcel told the truth. But if I tell you the details you will never view life the same." He beseeched her to ask no more. But she did. Harry blurted out, "Rogene, if I tell you...I will have to kill you." She thought he was joking. But Harry was not laughing.

Much later Rogene much decided to approach her by-then retired husband on the Roswell matter more assumptively. She asked him directly, "Where do they keep the craft honey, at Area 51?" She knew of course that he had worked at the Nevada Test Site for some time. He told her that it was not stored there. "Maybe at one time it was at Wright Patt, in off-limits area."

Still later Rogene brought up the issue with her husband, remembering that he was in the CIA at one time. She asked him, "What did you learn about the crash when you were at the CIA?" The last thing he would utter on the matter to her was, "When I went to work for the CIA one of the first things that I did was to look for the Roswell file. I know it exists, but it was missing. Either that or they were hiding it from me."

Rogene told me that "I know that he wondered his whole life why there was a coverup- why they would not tell the people."

Though Harry Cordes was sparse in details about Roswell, he would tell her more general stories about UFOs that were encountered during his time in service. He told his family (including both of his daughters) that at one time when he was flying at 70,000 feet (the highest anyone has ever flown up to that time) he had personally witnessed what he said, "could only have been an alien craft."


Rogene, born and raised outside Roswell, NM, grew up on a ranch. She was employed at a Roswell bank in the summer of 1947. Rogene knew many of the people in the community whose names today are well-known in relation to the Roswell crash.


She spoke cryptically of Butch Blanchard, who was Commander of RAAF at the time of crash, "Butch was a believer." She states that she knew he had told "all the guys involved at the base" (many of whom she and her husband entertained at their home with dinners, card games and BBQ's) to say nothing of the crash event. Whenever she brought up the subject with the "military fellows" she was met with stoney silence. She said to me, "Anyone who wanted to stay in the military simply didn't talk about it! It was their patriotic duty to not say much and to not ask too many questions." She also knew Blanchard's wife at the time, Ethel. She believes that Ethel was emotionally distressed over her husband Butch's involvement in the retrieval- and that it may well have contributed to their eventual divorce.


Rogene lived just a few doors down from Roswell Sheriff George Wilcox and his wife, Inez. Rogene even today does not like to talk about the Wilcox involvement, "George Wilcox and Inez were threatened and were afraid for their own reasons. They really did not want to ever discuss it, not even to talk about it with their friends. George changed after all of that."


Though Rogene is unsure about the totality of the truth of embalmer and undertaker Glenn Dennis' Roswell tales, she said that she went to high school with Glenn. She knew him to be "on the straight and narrow." But one story he told she knows was true. The day after the Roswell crash Rogene was trying to get ice for the soda and beer for the holiday weekend. She made the "usual rounds" for ice, including at Clardy's- the general store in town. She was told that Roswell base personnel had already been in and that "they cleared out all the ice, they bought it all." She then went to the train station, where dry ice could be purchased. To her amazement, she was told that the Roswell base personnel had already been there too and "had bought it all out." Rogene felt that the entire town had it's entire supply of ice and dry ice depleted. This had never happened before or since the crash weekend. Later, when Glenn told about the need for ice to help preserve the bodies from the crash, she "put two and two together."

Most interestingly, Rogene confirms that there were military cordons around surrounding ranch lands to the crash site. With her own eyes she saw "military men with guns at their sides" who would not let people pass. Their paths were diverted away from the area. Later she also overheard talk at the bank "from early-rising ranchers" about long trucks covered in canvas going to the base.


Finally, she explained that she knew Walter Haut well. Haut was the public information officer at the Roswell Army Air Field who issued the story of a "flying disk" that had fallen near Roswell. Rogene believed that the original story issued was the true story. The news story was recanted the following day. She said, "I know Walter finally confessed that it was not from Earth at the end of his life. Walter finally told the truth."

The woman from Roswell -the General's widow- had cleared her conscious. She concluded her conversations with me, "Harry died in 2004. He didn't want to say everything he could have. But I feel better telling what I know. People should know. And now they will. Roswell really happened."

Tourist killed by ‘dinosaur-sized’ shark

A Zimbabwean tourist was eaten by a “dinosaur-sized” shark in South Africa’s most popular holiday destination.

Cape Town's beaches will be closed for several days after a shark killed a man, authorities said Photo: REUTERS

Witnesses described watching as a man was pulled under the surf and dragged out to sea off Fish Hoek beach in Cape Town. They described seeing the shark carrying the man’s body in his mouth, turning the sea the colour of blood as it did so.

One witness, Gregg Coppen, posted the following message on Twitter: "Holy s***. We just saw a gigantic shark eat what looked like a person in front of our house. That shark was huge. Like dinosaur huge."

The attack happened on Wednesday afternoon following an increase in shark sightings. Lloyd Skinner, 37, a Zimbabwean who lived in the Democratic Republic of Congo, was standing chest-deep 100 metres from the shore and adjusting his goggles when he was attacked.

Cape Town's disaster management services had issued a warning hours earlier that sharks had been spotted in the water, but the shark flag was not flying. Mr Coppen told the Cape Times newspaper the shark was "longer than a minibus".

He said: "It was this giant shadow heading to something colourful. Then it sort of came out the water and took this colourful lump and went off with it. You could see its whole jaw wrap around the thing which turned out to be a person."

British visitor Phyllis McCartain told the same paper: "We saw the shark come back twice. It had the man's body in its mouth, and his arm was in the air. Then the sea was full of blood."

Kyle Johnston said: "We were swimming only about 15 metres away from the guy. We were at about chest depth and he was a little deeper. We looked at the walkway and saw people waving towels at us, then we looked further out to sea and saw what looked like blood, and a man's leg come up."

His friend Dane Leo added: "I was floating and I thought the people waving at us were joking, but then I looked back and saw a fin and blood."

Mr Skinner was reportedly on holiday in Cape Town for the month to attend the wedding of his partner's daughter. His partner was at the beach with him.

His body has not yet been found. Ian Klopper, a spokesman for the National Sea Rescue Institute, said: "You can rule out any chance of finding him alive. Whether we find body parts, it's very unlikely. We think the shark took everything."

Alison Kock, a shark scientist, said it was probably a great white, the most commonly spotted shark in the area. "More than 70 per cent of recorded great white attacks on humans result in just the shark biting and then leaving," she said. "There is that 30 per cent where the shark behaves like it did in this case, where it came back and killed the person."

Fresh sighting of UFO's and Werewolves on Cannock Chase

Hound of the Cannock hills?

A wave of paranormal and mysterious episodes in the town have helped usher in a new decade of spooky sightings, with readers encountering UFOs and wild wolves in the first week of the year.

The area has a long standing association with paranormal activity – with websites across the World recording spooky incidents in the area.

Resident, Jane McNally, recently had a run-in with a mysterious canine creature while out walking with her partner on Cannock Chase.

“I was walking with my partner and his dog,” Jane said.

“We put the dog back on the lead as we thought in the distance there was an enormous ‘dog.’ As we approached the animal we realised this wasn’t a dog and it just stared at us for a while – I said I thought it looked like a fox, but the size of a lioness – it then turned into the wooded area, and we proceeded to walk on.

“As it turned its long, bushy black tipped tail, we realised it was definitely not a dog.

“I have just logged onto the net and went onto images of wolves, and can honestly say whatever we saw yesterday was the closet thing to a wolf.”

The area has also become a hotbed of UFO sightings, with dozens of people claiming to have witnessed strange lights in the sky.

Christie Oliver became the latest person to experience a close encounter, when she spied mysterious lights over Heath Hayes at the turn of the year.

“Me and my partner came home from celebrating New Year in Cannock and I let the dog out, turned to my left and saw four red dots in the sky,” she said.

“I have never seen anything like this before. I immediately called my other half out to look at it. I could not believe my eyes.

“They then flew north and two of them disappeared. The last one went around six seconds later. I can’t believe what I saw, and I would like to find out if anyone else saw it too? It was around 00.37 on New Years Day.”

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video : Debunking the NASA tether UFO

A team from History Channel "UFO Hunters" explain and demonstrate how small particles such as ice debris which float in front of the camera lens can appear to look like the "UFOs" seen on NASA STS-75 "tether"

Mystery object to whizz by Earth Wednesday

WASHINGTON – A mystery object from space is about to whizz close by Earth on Wednesday. It won't hit our planet, but scientists are stumped by what exactly it is.

Astronomers say it may be space junk or it could be a tiny asteroid, too small to cause damage even if it hit. It's 33 to 50 feet wide at most.

NASA says that on Wednesday at 7:47 a.m. EST, it will streak by, missing Earth by about 80,000 miles. In the western United States it may be bright enough to be seen with a good amateur telescope.

Brit UFO tripple in 2009

Pyramid UFO UK Video Link :

THE last ever UFO files have been released by the MoD and they show that sightings of mysterious objects in the sky have almost TRIPLED in a year.

In 2009 there were 643 reports of bizarre lights, strange spheres and curious orbs in our skies — a figure only beaten in 1978.

UFO expert Nick Pope said 31 years ago there were 750 reports from panicked members of the public.

But this is the last time the Ministry of Defence will release these figures. The government closed their UFO hotline just before the end of last year, after it had been running for almost 60 years.

The files contain sightings from military personnel, police officers and air traffic controllers.

Mr Pope, who used to run the MoD's UFO project, said last night: "This is incredible. Britain is being inundated with UFO sightings.

"I'm sure the record would have been smashed had the MoD not terminated the UFO project late last year.

"These sensational figures just show how wrong that decision was.

"There are sightings here from military personnel, police officers and air traffic controllers."

Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/2804537/Brit-UFO-reports-triple-in-2009.html#ixzz0cYL5ogUJ

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Obama under pressure to reveal UFO and ET secrets

Paradigm Research Group, a leading UFO truth advocacy group, announced today a renewed international effort to convince Barack Obama to end the 62-year truth embargo preventing formal government acknowledgement of
extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. Also Renewed is pressure on the White House press corps to start asking appropriate questions and demand appropriate answers about connections between key members of the Democratic Party – Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, John Podesta, Leon Panetta and Bill Richardson – and theUFO and ET issue.

Since June 1, 2009 letters, faxes and emails from around the world have been sent to the White House Correspondents’ Association insisting that the reporters in the White House press corps begin asking politically related UFO and ET questions and receive appropriate answers. Samples of this correspondence can be viewed at: http://tinyurl.com/yb4wvay and http://tinyurl.com/62748k

On the July 24, 2009 White Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was asked about this correspondence which he declined to acknowledge. Subsequent queries to the WHCA from reporters such as Billy Cox of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune have also been ignored.

In similar fashion thousands of letters, faxes and emails to the President Elect and the President since November 4, 2008 demanding Barack Obama end the truth embargo and call for congressional hearings on the UFO and ET issue have not been acknowledged by the White House.

In similar fashion thousands of letters, faxes and emails to the President Elect and the President since November 4, 2008 demanding Barack Obama end the truth embargo and call for congressional hearings on the UFO/ET issue have not been acknowledged by the White House – no response. Furthermore, the Citizen’s Briefing Book generated during the transition by the Change.gov website was stripped of all UFO/ET related input to the Book prior to submission to the President.

PRG executive director Stephen Bassett stated, “This is not acceptable. France, Denmark, Canada, Australia,Sweden, Brazil, Russia, the United Kingdom and other countries have recently released tens of thousands of UFO/ET related files into the public domain. The message to the U.S. is clear, ‘If you do not end this truth embargo, one of us will.’” “Either Russia or China would benefit enormously by acting first on this issue,” added Bassett.

Source: www.paradigmresearchgroup.org

Egypt discovers workers' tombs near pyramids

Newly discovered tombs of pyramid builders are seen with the Great Pyramid in background in Giza, Egypt.

Burial sites are next to king, suggesting laborers were paid and not slaves

updated 4:08 p.m. ET Jan. 10, 2010

CAIRO - Egyptian archaeologists discovered a new set of tombs belonging to the workers who built the great pyramids, shedding light on how the laborers lived and ate more than 4,000 years ago, the antiquities department said Sunday.

The thousands of men who built the last remaining wonder of the ancient world ate meat regularly, worked in three months shifts and were given the honor of being buried in mud brick tombs within the shadow of the sacred pyramids they worked on.

The newly discovered tombs date to Egypt's 4th Dynasty (2575 B.C. to 2467 B.C.) when the great pyramids were built, according to the head of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities, Zahi Hawass.

Graves of the pyramid builders were first discovered in the area in 1990, he said, and discoveries such as these show that the workers were paid laborers, rather than the slaves of popular imagination.

"These tombs were built beside the king's pyramid, which indicates that these people were not by any means slaves," said Hawass in the statement. "If they were slaves, they would not have been able to build their tombs beside their king's."

Evidence from the site, Hawass said, indicates that the approximately 10,000 laborers working on the pyramids ate 21 cattle and 23 sheep sent to them daily from farms in northern and southern Egypt.

He added that the workers were rotated every three months and the burial sites were for those who died during the construction.

Discoveries like these reveal other aspects of ancient Egyptian society besides just the stone monuments and temples frequented by priests, rulers and nobles, explained Salima Ikram, a professor of Egyptology at the American University in Cairo.

"It is important to find tombs that belong to lower class people that are not made out of stone that tell you about the social organization and the relative wealth of a range of people," she said.

Workers' tombs from the 4th Dynasty were typically made of mud bricks and shaped like cones and covered in white plaster, probably echoing the nearby limestone-clad pyramids of the kings.

The most important new tomb discovered, according to Hawass, belonged to a man named Idu and the statement described it as rectangular in structure, with a plaster-covered mud brick outside casing.

The tomb also featured burial shafts encased in white limestone.

Further grave sites were found around the main tomb, including burial shafts containing skeletons and clay pots.

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Ken Wilber stops his brain waves

Ken enters various meditative states, one of which is a type of "thoughtless," "image-less," or "formless" state, whose correlate is that his brainwaves come to an almost complete stop.

Night vision UFO

Night vision footage from Andy Bell showing a craft passing over Freemont California.

Gordon Cooper talks about UFOs

Mercury 9 and Gemini 5 astronaut Gordon Cooper talks about his UFO sightings and experiences.

UFO sightings in Belgium, 1990

The Belgian Air Force discusses sightings there in 1990 and the use of F-16 jets to locate them along with radar.

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alleged extraterrestrials were sighted and captured in Brazil

Incident in which alleged extraterrestrials were sighted and captured in Brazil

Apollo 11 UFO

A statement on a new documentary on the Apollo 11 Moon missions has broken a long silence by United States Astronauts on the reporting of UFOs.

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Santa Claus: The Real Man Behind the Myth

It wasn't until 1809 that Santa Clause got fat, and by the late 1800s he was wearing the full red suit with the fur trim and leather boots.

Like America itself, the jolly figure we call Santa Claus is a melting pot of cultures, blending elements of folklore with the fantastical.

Santa Claus the man is actually loosely rooted in fact, though he hasn't always looked the way he does today, having evolved from a gift-giving Catholic saint who lived during the third century.

The Protestant Reformation and the emigration of European traditions to America morphed that pious figure into the red-suited character that is now one of the most famous images in the world, complete with his iconic army of elves and a magical transportation system.

St. Nicholas the Generous

Ol' St. Nick wasn't always the rotund, bearded fellow you see gracing Christmas cards. The historical St. Nicholas was the revered Bishop of Myra, a Roman town in what is now Turkey. Born around the year 270 A.D., historians believe, Nicholas became bishop as a young man.

Nicholas was dedicated to helping the poor throughout his life, famously (and anonymously) paying for the dowries of impoverished girls. His reputation as a secret gift-giver around town grew with time, and he became known especially for depositing coins or treats in the shoes of children who would place them out for that very purpose, sometimes in exchange for carrots or hay left for his horses. Nicholas is traditionally depicted wearing a red bishop's cloak, and was often helped by a small orphan boy, according to some legends.

Canonized after his death, St. Nicholas was named as the patron saint of children, sailors and all of Greece, among others. He remained a popular figure of worship through the Middle Ages, with elaborate feasts held each year on the date of his death – Dec. 6 – and small gifts given to children, usually in their shoes, in his honor.

Dutch revival

The Protestant Reformation of the 16th century, when the veneration of Catholic saints was suppressed in many regions of Europe, saw a drop in the popularity of St. Nicholas.

Only in The Netherlands was the celebration of St. Nicholas kept alive in the form of Sinterklaas, a kindly figure who traveled from house to house on the evening of Dec. 5, leaving treats or presents in children's shoes in exchange for a snack for his horses, according to folklore.

In the Dutch tradition, Sinterklaas wore red bishop's robes, had elfin assistants, and rode his horses over rooftops before slipping down the chimney to deliver the gifts.

Coming to America

Sinterklaas came to America with the Dutch in the 17th and 18th centuries, and it was in the new colonies that he really evolved.

The anglicizing of the name – from Sinterklaas to Santa Claus – happened by 1773, when the latter was referenced for the first time, in a New York City newspaper. Santa's waistline expanded in 1809 with the publication of author Washington Irving's book "A History of New York," in which the big man is described as portly and smoking a pipe instead of as a lanky bishop.

In an 1822 poem entitled "A Visit from Saint Nicholas" – more commonly called "Twas the Night Before Christmas" – by Clement Moore, Santa is further imagined with a magic sleigh powered by reindeer, a sack full of toys, and a round stomach, "like a bowl full of jelly."

By the late 1800s, most depictions of Santa Claus followed this imagery, but the final cog in the Claus legend was provided by Coca-Cola ad illustrator Haddon Sundblom, whose 1930s red-suited Santa, complete with white-fur trim and leather boots, became the iconic standard recognizable today.

Face of Jesus appears on banana peel

Holy banana ... Lisa Swinton found an image which resembles Jesus Christ in her fruit bowl. Source: The Daily Telegraph

SITTING down for an after lunch snack turned into a brush with all things holy when Lisa Swinton saw the face of Jesus on her banana peel.

‘‘I was like ‘Oh my God! It’s Jesus on a banana!’’

‘‘I got it out of the fruit bowl and was about to peel it and eat it when I saw his face,’’ she told The Daily Telegraph.

The impact of seeing Christ pressed into the banana did not stop the 39-year-old of Haberfield from still eating the fruit and depositing the holy peel.

‘‘I put some photos up on Facebook – one of my friends said it looked like a monkey.’’

Ms Swinton is not a stranger to holy visions appearing in day to day household objects.

‘‘One of my friends said they saw the Holy Mother on their bathroom door and another saw an apparition of Mary on the mould of their shower floor,’’ she said.

The fateful placing of her banana bunch underneath other fruit, Ms Swinton believes was the cause of the sacred imprint.

‘‘It definitely wasn’t that way when I bought it from Leichhardt Woollies,’’ she said.

Relic reveals Noah's ark was circular

A 19th-century illustration by Currier & Ives shows the traditional vision of Noah’s ark. Photograph: Brooklyn Museum/Corbis

That they processed aboard the enormous floating wildlife collection two-by-two is well known. Less familiar, however, is the possibility that the animals Noah shepherded on to his ark then went round and round inside.

According to newly translated instructions inscribed in ancient Babylonian on a clay tablet telling the story of the ark, the vessel that saved one virtuous man, his family and the animals from god's watery wrath was not the pointy-prowed craft of popular imagination but rather a giant circular reed raft.

The now battered tablet, aged about 3,700 years, was found somewhere in the Middle East by Leonard Simmons, a largely self-educated Londoner who indulged his passion for history while serving in the RAF from 1945 to 1948.

The relic was passed to his son Douglas, who took it to one of the few people in the world who could read it as easily as the back of a cornflakes box; he gave it to Irving Finkel, a British Museum expert, who translated its 60 lines of neat cuneiform script.

There are dozens of ancient tablets that have been found which describe the flood story but Finkel says this one is the first to describe the vessel's shape.

"In all the images ever made people assumed the ark was, in effect, an ocean-going boat, with a pointed stem and stern for riding the waves – so that is how they portrayed it," said Finkel. "But the ark didn't have to go anywhere, it just had to float, and the instructions are for a type of craft which they knew very well. It's still sometimes used in Iran and Iraq today, a type of round coracle which they would have known exactly how to use to transport animals across a river or floods."

Finkel's research throws light on the familiar Mesopotamian story, which became the account in Genesis, in the Old Testament, of Noah and the ark that saved his menagerie from the waters which drowned every other living thing on earth.

In his translation, the god who has decided to spare one just man speaks to Atram-Hasis, a Sumerian king who lived before the flood and who is the Noah figure in earlier versions of the ark story. "Wall, wall! Reed wall, reed wall! Atram-Hasis, pay heed to my advice, that you may live forever! Destroy your house, build a boat; despise possessions And save life! Draw out the boat that you will built with a circular design; Let its length and breadth be the same."

The tablet goes on to command the use of plaited palm fibre, waterproofed with bitumen, before the construction of cabins for the people and wild animals.

It ends with the dramatic command of Atram-Hasis to the unfortunate boat builder whom he leaves behind to meet his fate, about sealing up the door once everyone else is safely inside: "When I shall have gone into the boat, Caulk the frame of the door!"

Fortunes were spent in the 19th century by biblical archaeology enthusiasts in hunts for evidence of Noah's flood. The Mesopotamian flood myth was incorporated into the great poetic epic Gilgamesh, and Finkel, curator of the recent British Museum exhibition on ancient Babylon, believes that it was during the Babylonian captivity that the exiled Jews learned the story, brought it home with them, and incorporated it into the Old Testament.

Despite its unique status, Simmons' tablet – which has been dated to around 1,700 BC and is only a few centuries younger than the oldest known account – was very nearly overlooked.

"When my dad eventually came home, he shipped a whole tea chest of this kind of stuff home – seals, tablets, bits of pottery," said Douglas. "He would have picked them up in bazaars, or when people knew he was interested in this sort of thing, they would have brought them to him and earned a few bob."

Simmons senior became a scenery worker at the BBC, but kept up his love of history, and was very disappointed when academics dismissed treasures of his as commonplace and worthless. His son took the tablet to a British Museum open day, where Finkel "took one look at it and nearly fell off his chair" with excitement.

"It is the most extraordinary thing," Simmons said of the tablet. "You hold it in your hand, and you instantly get a feeling that you are directly connected to a very ancient past – and it gives you a shiver down your spine."

Raiders of the lost ark

The human fascination with the flood and the whereabouts of the ark shows few signs of subsiding.

The story has travelled down the centuries from the ancient Babylonians and continues to fascinate in the 21st century.

Countless expeditions have travelled to Mount Ararat in Turkey, where Noah's ark is said to have come to rest, but scientific proof of its existence has yet to be found.

Recent efforts to find it have been led by creationists, who are keen to exhibit it as evidence of the literal truth of the Bible.

"If the flood of Noah indeed wiped out the entire human race and its civilization, as the Bible teaches, then the ark constitutes the one remaining major link to the pre-flood world," says John D Morris of the Institute for Creation Research.

"No significant artefact could ever be of greater antiquity or importance."

In the Victorian era some became obsessed with the ark story. George Smith – the lowly British museum assistant who, in 1872, deciphered the Flood Tablet which is inscribed with the Assyrian version of the Noah's ark tale – could apparently not contain his excitement at his discovery.

According to the museum's archives: "He jumped up and rushed about the room in a great state of excitement and to the astonishment of those present began to undress himself."

Hypnotist to put nation in a trance using Twitter and Facebook

Chris Hughes says he will cast a spell over the internet and set a world record in the process for the world's largest mass online hypnosis
session Photo: CATERS

In a Derren Brown-esque stunt, Chris Hughes says he will cast a spell over the internet and set a world record in the process for the world's largest mass online hypnosis session.

Mr Hughes, 34, will be attempting to stick his followers' hands together, and leave them unable to open their eyes, purely through the sound of his voice.

Hypnosis fans from all over the world have signed up to the online event, which will be happening on January 4 at 8.30pm.

The event, called Socialtrance, will coincide with World Hypnotism Day, and is expected to make it into the Guinness World Records.

"This is the first attempt of its kind to hypnotise people via social networking sites," Mr Hughes said.

"I truly believe that everyone can be hypnotised, and people shouldn't be afraid of it.

"Within a minute of starting the session those listening to me won't be able to see anything, as they'll be put into a deep trance by my voice.

"Social networking sites are a great way to interact with people and I'm hoping that this will open people's eyes to the power of hypnotism.

"It's all about the power of suggestion, and the affect it can have on the unconscious."

He added that there will be a question and answer session at the beginning to answer any sceptics.

Anyone 18 or over can take part in the event with the exception of those who are pregnant, have a mental illness, are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or have been diagnosed with a psychotic illness.

Epileptics are advised to seek advice from their doctor before taking part in the hypnosis webcast.

The session will be purely auditory, and followers will not be able to see the hypnotherapist, who is based in Banbury, Oxfordshire.

Facebook and Twitter followers are being told they will only need headphones and a comfy chair to take part in the social experiment.

The session will contain positive suggestions for change and Chris claims that it will benefit everyone taking part. Those curious can sign up to the event at www.Socialtrance.com.

First-known venomous dinosaur found

A feathered predator that lived 125 million years ago has been revealed as the first-known venomous dinosaur, which paralysed its prey with poison in a similar way to some snakes.

Sinornithosaurus millenii, a dinosaur about the size of a turkey, had grooved fangs for channelling venom and a pocket in the upper jaw that probably held venom glands, scientists have discovered.

The anatomy is similar to that of “rear-fanged” snakes such as the boomslang, which do not inject poison directly through front fangs but funnel it along grooved teeth as they pierce the skin of their prey.

The new research offers the strongest evidence yet for the evolution of venom in dinosaurs. While the idea has long intrigued scientists — the species Dilophosaurus was portrayed in the film Jurassic Park as spitting venom — there were until recently no fossil records to support it.

In 2000 a grooved tooth from a theropod dinosaur was discovered in Mexico, indicating that it may have funnelled venom. Much more extensive evidence for this has now been found in Sinornithosaurus. Scientists from the University of Kansas and Northeastern University, who conducted the research, said it was likely that the dinosaur used its venom not to kill but to immobilise its prey so it became easier to dispatch. This is also how most modern-day rear-fanged snakes and lizards hunt.

David Burnham, of the University of Kansas, said: “You wouldn’t have seen it coming. It would have swooped down behind you from a low-hanging tree branch and attacked from the back. Once the teeth were embedded in your skin the venom could seep into the wound.

“The prey would rapidly go into shock but it would still be living, and it might have seen itself being slowly devoured by this raptor.”

His colleague Larry Martin said: “When we were looking at Sinornithosaurus, we realised its teeth were unusual. Then we began to look at the whole structure of the teeth and jaw.

“At that point, we realised it was similar to modern-day snakes. This thing is a venomous bird for all intents and purposes. It was a real shock to us.” Sinornithosaurus, which was first discovered in China in 1999, was a predator closely related to other species such as Velociraptor and Microraptor gui — which is thought to have used feathered “wings” to glide.

Other details of its anatomy, described in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, suggest its main prey may have been smaller feathered dinosaurs or primitive birds. The scientists wrote in their paper: “We believe that Sinornithosaurus was a venomous predator that fed on birds by using its long fangs to penetrate through the plumage and into the skin, and the toxins would induce shock and permit the victim to be subdued rapidly.”

Dr Martin said: “This is an animal about the size of a turkey. It’s a specialised predator of small dinosaurs and birds. It was almost certainly feathered. It’s a very close relative of the four-winged glider called Microraptor.

The team believes that other bird-like dinosaurs may also have had venomous bites. The researchers are now studying Microraptor fossils to determine whether it had a similar venom-delivery system.

The findings are a significant addition to evolutionary theory. Contrary to popular belief, dinosaurs were not closely related to modern reptiles, which means that the grooved-tooth adaptation must have evolved independently in snakes and Sinornithosaurus.

This is a fine example of convergent evolution, in which natural selection guides the evolution of similar functional traits in species that are not closely related. It often finds similar solutions to challenges that occur repeatedly in the natural world — in this case, how to subdue prey.

Ancient Legendary Ruler's Tomb Found!

Chinese archaeologists believe they have found a nearly 1,800-year-old tomb belonging to the legendary ruler Cao Cao, who was known as a cruel tyrant but also a cunning military strategist and poet.

The tomb is located in central Henan province, not far from the Yellow River and near the city of Anyang, the state China Daily reported Monday. Cao Cao ruled the Kingdom of Wei from 208 to 220, when he died at age 65.

"Excavation has been going on for nearly one year, and we'll come up with further evidence," said Guan Qiang of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, quoted in the paper.

"But even based on what we've got, we can tell for sure that the mausoleum belongs to Cao Cao."

Numerous articles found in the tomb are inscribed as "personal belongings frequently used by the 'King Wu of Wei,'" Cao Cao's posthumous title, it said.

Archaeologists have found the remains of three people in the tomb -- a male around 60 years of age, believed to be Cao Cao, a female of about 50 and a second woman between 20 and 25, thought to be the king's wife and escort respectively.

The tomb was discovered about a year ago, but only became known to authorities after stone tablets carrying inscriptions of "King Wu of Wei" were seized from alleged tomb raiders, the report said.

So far archaeologists have recovered over 250 relics from the tomb which covers an area of 740 square meters (8,000 square feet), an area befitting a burial plot for someone of Cao Cao's stature, it said.

During his rise to power during the waning years of the Han Dynasty, Cao Cao became known as a clever yet cruel tyrant who was also a military genius.

His exploits form an important aspect of the 14th century historical novel, "Romance of the Three Kingdoms," known as one of China's greatest literary works and a publication that remains widely read today.

Cao Cao remains a mainstay in Chinese culture and is a frequent character in Peking opera and historical theatre. He was most recently portrayed in director John Woo's blockbusters "Red Cliff" and "Red Cliff 2".

His poems continue to be taught in schools throughout China.

A view of the site of the ex
cavated tomb of Cao Cao, a renowned warlord and politician, found in the Henan Province, central China. Archaeologists confirmed the discovery of Cao's mausoleum on December 27.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Viewing video: The crop circle makers

Video demonstrating the techniques used to produce a crop circle in a field.

Viewing video: UFOs over Mexico

On June 10, 2004, the city of Guadalajara witnessed undoubtely the most spectacular UFO fleet sighting in known history.

Viewing video: New Sylvanic Bigfoot video

New Bigfoot video footage from Todd Standing, is this evidence for the existence of sasquatch ?

Eerie outpost unnerves US Marines

Posted on Saturday, 2 January, 2010

Marines stationed at eerie Observation Point Rock in Afghanistan have reported that the place could be haunted. Locals believe it to be 'cursed' and men stationed there have reported strange lights and sounds for some time.

"Groups of Marines are posted to guard it, usually for a couple of months at a time, and “the Rock” has acquired a peculiar reputation. American troops widely refer to it as “the haunted Observation Point”."

The Marines found the bone as they scraped a shallow trench. Long, dry and unmistakably once part of a human leg, it was followed by others. They reburied most of them but also found bodies. Three of the graves were close together; in another was a skeleton still wearing a pair of glasses. The Marines covered the grave and told their successors to stay away from it.

Observation Point Rock sits a few hundred metres south east of Patrol Base Hassan Abad, where a company from 2/8 Marines has been stationed for the past seven months. It is a lonely and exposed outpost 20 metres (65ft) above the surrounding landscape, which has been in Nato hands since it was captured from the Taleban in 2008.

Groups of Marines are posted to guard it, usually for a couple of months at a time, and “the Rock” has acquired a peculiar reputation. American troops widely refer to it as “the haunted Observation Point”.

It is hard to say how much the 100F (38C) heat, round-the-clock guard shifts and months spent living in trenches and peering out of sandbagged firing points have gilded the legend of OP Rock. The only break from the tedium, apart from dog-eared magazines and an improvised gym, has been small-arms or rocket-propelled grenade attacks from the Taleban, usually on a Sunday morning.

But as Sergeant Josh Brown, 22, briefed his successor when a detachment of men from Golf Company was swapped for an incoming contingent from Fox Company, he warned of the strange atmosphere and inexplicable phenomena that plagued OP Rock. “The local people say this is a cursed place,” he said. “You will definitely see weird-ass lights up here at night.”

Others in the outgoing unit had reported odd sounds. “It is weird what you hear and don’t hear around here,” he added.

Each successive detachment that guards the Rock appears to add its own layer to the legend, which has spread through the Marine units pushing into southern Helmand.

There is talk of members of the Taleban entombed in caves below; the bodies buried on the summit are identified confidently as dead Russian soldiers from the ill-fated Soviet invasion.

Corporal Jacob Lima’s story is the latest addition. One night he was woken by the sound of screaming. It was Corporal Zolik, a Marine who has since been moved to a unit farther south. “He was yelling and begging me to go up to the firing point he was guarding,” Corporal Lima, 22, told the men taking over from him. “When I got there he said that he was sitting there when he heard a voice whisper something in his ear. He said it sounded like Russian. He begged me to stay in there with him till he was relieved from guard duty. After that he really didn’t like standing post up there.”

The Marines’ predecessors, a unit of Welsh Guards, also produced tales of the unexpected. “The Brits claimed to see weird things, hear noises,” Corporal Lima said. “Lots of them said it’s creepy at night, especially from midnight till 4am. You see a lot of unexplained lights through night-vision goggles.”

Its elevation has clearly made the Rock a natural defensive position for centuries. It is not a rock, though it resembles one. Medieval arrow slits and the remains of fortified turrets on its eastern flank show that this was once a large mud fort that collapsed in on itself and was probably built upon in turn. The locals say that it dates back to Alexander the Great, and another similar structure is visible in the distance to the south, part of a supposed line of such forts built at some point in Afghanistan’s history of invasion and war.

When US Marines seized the post last summer they dropped a 2,000lb (900kg) bomb on one side, collapsing part of the structure on to what its current occupants claim was a cave where Taleban fighters were sheltering.

“This place really sucks,” said Lance Corporal Austin Hoyt, 20, putting his pack on to return to the main base. “The Afghans say it’s haunted. Stick a shovel in anywhere and you’ll find bones and bits of pottery. This place should be in National Geographic — in the front there are weird-looking windows for shooting arrows. You know, they say the Russians up here were executed by the Mujahidin.”

He looked meaningfully at his successors and prepared to leave.

Christmas UFO sighting in Canada

Posted on Saturday, 2 January, 2010

A couple in Canada reported witnessing four unidentified flying objects over Mount Benson on Christmas Day. The four orange lights were seen to zoom across the sky in different directions, converging over the mountain.

"Nanaimo's Chris Ansell and Kathleen Kirby have crossed Santa Claus off their list as they search for answers after they reported seeing four unidentified flying objects over Mount Benson on Christmas Day."

Nanaimo's Chris Ansell and Kathleen Kirby have crossed Santa Claus off their list as they search for answers after they reported seeing four unidentified flying objects over Mount Benson on Christmas Day.

At 8:29 p.m., while on the deck of Ansell's parents' home on King John Way, the couple saw four orange lights the size of stars zip through the sky from four different directions and come together above the mountain.

Ansell, 35, whipped out his Blackberry to catch the action, while Kirby, 23, grabbed a nearby camera.

The four "starlike lights did this weird zig-zag thing and then turned into green glowing spheres and then, poof, they disappeared upwards," Ansell said, gesturing frantically with his hands.

In less than 40 seconds it was all over, but Ansell and Kathleen captured three images they hope will eventually lead to an explanation of their mysterious sighting.

"We know it wasn't Santa. He had already come and gone," said Ansell with a laugh, pointing to his mother.

Paul Greenhalgh, president of the Fraser Valley Astronomers Society, has a few suspicions about what could have caused the extraordinary light show, though he discounts the possibility they were UFOs.

After examining Ansell's and Kirby's photos, Greenhalgh believes the "stars" are part of the Big Dipper constellation.

The low horizon of the Earth and thicker density of the atmosphere from the angle the stars were seen caused them to change colour from orange to red to blue and green. Greenhalgh also said the satellite Chandra (an X-ray space observatory) was also moving across the sky at the same time as the couple's sighting, as were two iridium satellites.

"If they flared, otherwise known as an iridium flare, this could also add to the equation," added Greenhalgh.

As far as the description of the erratic movements, Greenhalgh has no explanation.

"I have a philosophy about UFO sightings," he said. "The galaxy is 100,000 light years across. If we were able to send a message from our solar system to another solar system on the other side of the galaxy through the galactic core, without it being disrupted with all the radiation there, it would take 65,000 years for us to say hello and an additional 65,000 years for them to reply. It's going to be a very boring conversation."

Greenhalgh has studied and stared into the sky for more than four decades without ever seeing an UFO. Only once in 43 years did he see a flying object he couldn't explain.

But he uncovered the mystery two years later when he discovered the v-shape formation and central bright light he saw had been U.S. Navy satellites that had been tethered together.

Greenhalgh also point out that any aircraft that enters the Earth's atmosphere would definitely be detected by the North American Aerospace Defense Command.

"NORAD can track anything from the size of a ping pong ball and larger," he said.

Ansell and Kirby continue to keep a close eye on the night sky above Mount Benson with the hopes of another sighting.

"I just need an explanation. I don't believe in extraterrestrials or anything like that, but anything is possible," said Ansell.

"We do live in a huge universe and there could be things out there that just want to observe us.

"All we can hope is someone else saw it, too."


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