Friday, February 26, 2010

Ghost hunting in Edinburgh's South Bridge vaults

It's just past midnight on a bitterly cold evening in the heart of Edinburgh's Old Town, an icy wind nips the finger-tips while wild screams fire back and forth along the Cowgate as stumbling figures stagger into the darkness under South Bridge.

I haven't started my ghost-hunting expedition inside the infamous South Bridge vaults but have a feeling that the revellers outside enjoying their weekly Friday night ritual might be the most frightful phenomenon I'll witness this evening.

I'm moderate sceptic when it comes to the supernatural and while I believe that there are forces at work beyond our imagination, I'm not entirely convinced that these same forces move tables and make things go bump in the night.

Never-the-less I embarked on Friday's night's four-hour ghost-hunting marathon with an open mind

If there are ghosts lurking in Edinburgh, chances are they will frequent the cavernous network of tunnels under South Bridge.

Built in 1788 the vaults are said to have been used as a hunting ground by body snatchers Burke and Hare who preyed on the underclass residing within.

A history of Edinburgh's South Bridge vaults

I was met at the door by the personable Sara Weardon of Wearde Paranoramal who gave me a run-down of how the night would progress.

First we were to be given a tour of the vaults by a spiritualist before trying out some ghost-hunting equipment.

Our spiritualist for the evening, Ewan Irvine, vowed to call it as he saw it and that any comparisons to the 'Most Haunted' TV series were to be banished from our thoughts.

He explained that sensing whether a spirit was present or not was rather like "walking into a new house or room" and judging the subsequent feelings that arose.

The vaults are an eerie and atmospheric place and it's not too difficult to imagine the horrid conditions that those who lived here must have endured.

Cold and mild air flows freely, mixing with centuries-old odours emanating from the damp and dank walls.

Ewan described a number of spirits as he guided us through the rooms.

In one room he sensed a sinister elderly man with a ferocious cough who, he said, could have been suffering from Tuberculosis.

The temperature dropped considerably within the room – a sign of a paranormal presence – while an elderly woman complained she had been nudged on the hip.

In another vault he sensed a room that was at one time used as a men-only drinking tavern.

Ewan explained that every tour party he brings into this room splits immediately into male and female groups which, he said, was possibly due to previously being a male-dominated environment.

A look around the room confirmed this to be true.

The final room we entered featured a number of large stones laid out in a circle on the floor.

We were told that this room had once been used by the witches who still practise today in a specially fitted-out room in the vaults.

The witches had sensed a mischievous spirit in the room and had conducted a sermon to trap whatever was lurking within inside the stone circle.

Those who have entered the circle are said to wake up with scratches on their legs the next morning.

During one-hairy moment a fire door swung open and loud music from a neighbouring pub came flooding in.

No-one thought anything of it until the door, which could only be opened from the inside, flew open again.

Sara checked the door with an electronic reader which measures energy sources within the room.

The Electro-Magnetic Frequency (EMF) reader made a loud screeching noise before falling silent.

Later in the evening we returned to the same room with another member of Wearde Paranormal Judy Robertson.

Judy handed me the EMF reader which quickly began emitting a slow buzzing noise.

The screeching increased in intensity as I approached the rear of the candle-lit room, it reached its maximum reading before falling silent.

I turned around and the reader peaked again before shunting back down to zero.

We were joined in the room by another spiritualist, Davie Allen, who sensed that there was a great deal of energy in the room, especially at the rear.

Davie asked the candle to flicker if there was more than one spirit in the room. The candle eerily flashed on and off three or four times.

He then asked the spirit to turn off the candle. The candle went dark before recovering slowly.

Our party were then given the chance to try out some dowsing rods in a room kitted out with painful looking torture equipment. Placed there for atmospheric effect only, we were told.

Commonly used to find water, the rods are also said to be useful in communicating with the spirit world.

We were given a demonstration by Judy who asked if there was anyone of anything in the room.

The rods went haywire.

She then asked if there was a young child in the room and the response came back affirmative.

I'm a bit wary of communicating with the paranormal, I had passed on the Ouija board earlier in the evening, but with trepidation took hold of the rods.

I asked if the rods if the child that Judy had been speaking to earlier was still there.

There was stillness for a few seconds before the ends of the rods slowly began to creep towards each other.

Once crossed I asked if the rods could be uncrossed and sure enough in slow motion the rods began to uncross and returned to their original position.

At the end of the evening, Sara said that tonight had been rather "quiet" compared to previous ghost hunts.

I, however, left with a impression that there is definitely something going on in those vaults that cannot be easily explained.

Wearde Paranormal's next ghost hunting trip to the South Bridge vaults will be on March 26.

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Paranormal investigation : A threatening presence in Sacramento

Posted on Friday, 5 February, 2010 | 0 comments
Columnist: Paul Dale Roberts

Betty Frazer and Cassandra Bushore moved into a home in Sacramento and discovered that the home is haunted by four entities. The four entities are a mother and daughter, a small dog and a dark presence.

They have lived in this home for three months and in the first week, they felt a haunting presence. Betty felt there was something wrong with the home, before they even moved in. Some of the problems that they have in this home are:

1. Lights will dim and go completely off on their own.
2. The bedroom door has shut closed by itself.
3. Messages have been erased off the telephone answering machine.
4. The occupants have been touched.
5. Woman entity has been seen; she is thin and has gray hair.
6. Woman entity has a daughter and the daughter seems sad and depressed.

Note: They learned from their neighbors that an older woman lived in this house and died in this house from a terminal illness and that her daughter in her 30s committed suicide by a possible drug overdose. The neighbors have told the occupants that the mother and daughter lived in this home for 26 years. The neighbors said that they had a small dog and the dog died in this home too.

Other tenants that lived in this home have not lived in this home for very long. There were tenants who ran out of the home late in the evening and packed up and left, one of the tenants was screaming when she ran out into the street.

Other activity is:

7. Clock hands spinning around.
8. Dishes have been slammed down to the floor.
9. Growling noises have been heard.
10. Plumbing sounds have been heard in the bathroom. It sounded as if plumbers were working on the pipes. The sound emitting from the bathroom was very loud.

Betty has been threatened by the dark presence. She felt like she was pushed down while walking in the kitchen. She had hard time breathing. Another night, she was laying in bed and her cane lifted up and was pointed to her face and she could see a black mass on the ceiling, again she had hard time breathing. Betty says that a dark entity was with her for 30 years that started in Reno. The dark entity wore a black trench coat; face was in shadows and wore a black brimmed hat. Betty felt this dark entity was protective and she does not believe this dark entity is the same dark entity that has been attacking her in this home in Sacramento. The worse situation in this home is when one night Betty felt she was attacked by the dark entity. She felt multiple stabbing pains from the dark entity. Another note for this story is that the paranormal activity increased during renovation of this home.

HPI Paranormal Investigators present: Deborah Baughman, Kathy Foulk, Angelita Reyes/Psychic and Gwen Johnson / Freelance Reporter. Lead Investigator: Paul Dale Roberts.

Equipment Used: Temperature gauges, digital cameras, digital audio recorders, Toshiba laptop, Spirit Box.

1st Session Evidence Gathered: Angelita picked up on the little dog entity and felt it snipping at her leg, before she learned that there was a dog entity in the home. Deborah felt like she was touched in the kitchen. Dark shadow anomaly shows up on one photograph.

2nd Session Evidence Gathered: EVP that sounded like Dark Vader talking from another dimension, trying to say full on sentences, but words are inaudible. More shadowy anomalies are seen in photographs. Angelita, Deborah, Kathy, Gwen were sitting on the master bedroom bed and the bed felt like it was breathing, moving up and down. Spirit Box used, with substantial words ‘suicide’, ‘cancer’ were used when asked how you died. When asking how many entities are in the house, the answer was 12 and this was said 3 times. Note: Spirit Box is not substantial evidence. Angelita channeled the mother entity and the mother entity through Angelita said..”do you want to feel my pain?”

3rd Session Evidence Gathered: Took a series of pictures in the front yard and in one part of the yard, I felt a quick suffocation and I snapped a picture and there was ½ darkness and the other ½ was light, 2nd and 3rd shot was taken and the picture was normal and I felt no suffocation. EVP of a man saying ‘Rod’. Strange ectoplasm type of pictures was taken. Ice shaken around in a glass was observed. Most of the investigators felt they were touched one way or another, even I felt like a ghostly finger stroked my forehead.

A Catholic blessing was conducted to cleanse the home and send any entities into the light.

I thank the occupants for the coffee, sugar cookies, chips and salsa to keep us going for this long evening.


With the EVPs, especially the Dark Vader talking from another dimension EVP, I feel there is definitely a presence in this home. I hope my blessing will be sufficient and that the occupants will no longer be harassed by these unseen forces. I will be in contact with the occupants to see how things progress. The occupants did tell me that during our visit, a mat in the backyard was shredded and they have no explanation on how the mat became shredded.

Pictures from the Investigation:

An email was received the following day after the investigation by Cassandra (occupant), this is what she relates:

“Good morning...

I can't thank you enough for your group attention last nite. It was certainly an eventful night and one that will stay in my memory for always.. I loved your team; such good people!!

Wanted to follow up on the 'mat' incident that Betty called you about.. It was right after you left when Betty took the dogs outside for the last time. She called to me and asked me what had happened to the patio mat. I didn't know what she was talking about, so went out there to see. It had been not only shredded to bits, but it had been moved a good foot or more. It seemed more wet than anything on the patio deck. Now I could blame this on the dogs, but it would be a real stretch... Particularly since the dogs weren't out there after you left, until they were taken out by Betty and the discovery was made.

Now let me tell you why this is so disturbing to me.. First of all, this mat is so heavy (without being wet) it's a struggle to move it all. Very thick and made of some material like the stuff you use to make plant hangers (can't remember what it's called) It's specifically for outside use..A good 2 inches thick.. When it gets wet, it absorbs the water well, as it passes through the mat onto the concrete/decking, wherever it's sitting. Great to wipe your feet on as it can take all the abuse. THAT MAT you and I were standing on when you were on the deck, facing the back yard, in the far right corner (doing the blessing) . I would have certainly noticed that mat being shredded and especially being 'moved' all that far. It was so wet that when Betty and I went to move it back to it's spot, it took us both to do it...

I tell you that if I went out there and wanted to shred the mat, destroy it..even 'move' it, I'm not sure I could have done it. That material (I think it's a heavy jute) is just too sturdy. Look at the pictures!!!... Dogs weren't out there between us being out there and Betty taking them out..This happened in that time frame... Any ideas..

There was a loud crash in my closet right after I turned off my lights.. Dogs went nutz. Got them calmed down and slept for the rest of the night. Betty said her night was uneventful..

Where do we go from here?


Monday, February 15, 2010

Former USAF pilot saw UFO crash

Ex-USAF pilot says he chased a UFO across Texas and watched it crash on the Texas-Mexico border near Del Rio, Texas.

Trail cam "bigfoot"

Interview about two juvenile Sasquatch pictures taken in Northwestern Pennsylvania.

Monday, February 8, 2010

45-foot ancient snake devoured crocodiles

The largest snake the world has ever known likely had a diet that included crocodile, or at least an ancient relative of the reptile.

Scientists have discovered a 60-million-year-old ancient crocodile fossil, which has been named a new species, in northern Columbia, South America. The site, one of the world's largest open-pit coal mines, also yielded skeletons of the giant, boa constrictor-like Titanoboa, which measured up to 45 feet long (14 m).

Crocodyliforms are extinct reptiles that are distant relatives of modern crocodiles and alligators.

"We're starting to flesh out the fauna that we have from there," said study author Alex Hastings, a graduate student at the Florida Museum of Natural History.

The skull and other specimens used in the study show the newly discovered species, named Cerrejonisuchus improcerus, grew only 6 to 7 feet long (about 2 m), making it easy prey for Titanoboa.

Clearly this new fossil would have been part of the food-chain, both as predator and prey," said Jonathan Bloch, a Florida Museum vertebrate paleontologist and associate curator. "Giant snakes today are known to eat crocodylians, and it is not much of a reach to say Cerrejonisuchus would have been a frequent meal for Titanoboa. Fossils of the two are often found side-by-side," added Bloch, who was part of the fossil-hunting expeditions.

Indeed, anacondas have been documented consuming caimans — reptiles in the same family as crocodiles — in the Amazon.

The new croc species is the smallest member of Dyrosauridae, a family of now-extinct crocodyliforms. Dyrosaurids typically grew to about 18 feet and had long tweezer-like snouts for eating fish. By contrast, the newly discovered species had a much shorter snout, indicating a more generalized diet that likely included frogs, lizards, small snakes and possibly mammals.

"It seems that Cerrejonisuchus managed to tap into a feeding resource that wasn't useful to other larger crocodyliforms," Hastings said.

The study reveals an unexpected level of diversity among dyrosaurids, said Christopher A. Brochu, a paleontologist at the University of Iowa, who was not involved in the study.

Scientists previously believed dyrosaurids diversified in the Paleogene, the period of time following the mass extinction of dinosaurs. But this study reinforces the view that much of their diversity was in place before the mass extinction event, Brochu said. Somehow dyrosaurids survived the mass extinction intact while other marine reptile groups, such as mosasaurs and plesiosaurs, died out completely.

The study was published in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology.

Crop circles near telescopes

Documentary piece detailing crop formations appearing next to radio telescopes.

Hellaby Hall paranormal investigation

Hellaby Hall hotel has reported paranormal activity and ghost sightings in many of its rooms.

"Flying saucer" for sale

An unfinished 'flying saucer' built by a man who claimed to have had the blueprints telepathically given to him by aliens is now up for sale.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Religion could survive discovery of ET, survey suggests

Could the world's religions survive the discovery of extraterrestrial life? Or would their beliefs be so shaken that they would eventually collapse?

A survey (pdf) discussed on Tuesday at a meeting on the search for alien life at the Royal Society in London suggests religion would survive.

The survey, designed by Ted Peters, a professor of Systematic Theology at the Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary and the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California, asked 1300 people whether they thought the discovery of extraterrestrial intelligence would shake their individual belief, the strength of their religion as a whole or would adversely affect the beliefs of other religions. The survey included both religious and non-religious people, and most respondents were based in the US.

None of the 70 Buddhists questioned thought that the discovery of ET would undercut their belief systems, although 40 per cent thought it could pose problems for other religions.

More Roman Catholics believed ET could pose a problem for their faith. Only 8 per cent of the 120 surveyed thought that their individual beliefs would be shaken, but nearly a quarter – 22 per cent – said it could adversely affect their religion. Even more – 30 per cent – thought it could threaten the beliefs of other religious people.

Singled out

The patterns were similar for the other Christian sects surveyed, including evangelical and mainline Protestants, but there was not enough data to draw firm conclusions about people of other religions, such as Hindus and Muslims.

Of the 205 people who identified themselves as non-religious (either atheists or those who describe themselves as spiritual but not religious), only 1 per cent thought it would affect their atheist or spiritual outlooks. But 69 per cent thought the discovery of ET could cause a crisis for other world religions. An average of only 34 per cent of religious people shared that belief.

Paul Davies, an astrobiologist at Arizona State University in Tempe was one of the first to suggest that the world's religions would not cope with the discovery of ET. And he still believes such a find would pose theological problems for Christians.

"They believe that Jesus came down to earth to save humankind – not dolphins, Neanderthals or extraterrestrials," he said in response to the survey results. "To make sense of this, either you need multiple incarnations [of Jesus on other planets] or a reason why this planet and this species was singled out for special attention."

'Extraterrestrial brothers'

Many survey respondents expressed no such qualms. A Roman Catholic said: "I believe that Christ became incarnate (human) in order to redeem humanity and atone for the original sin of Adam and Eve. Could there be a world of extraterrestrials? Maybe. It doesn't change what Christ did."

Another wrote: "From an evangelical Christian perspective, the Word of God was written for us on Earth to reveal the creator... Why should we repudiate the idea that God may have created other civilisations to bring him glory in the same way?"

"There is nothing in Christianity that excludes other intelligent life," asserted an evangelical respondent.

Indeed, Vatican astronomers have said in recent years that there is no conflict between believing in God and in the possibility of "extraterrestrial brothers".

Monday, February 1, 2010

5-year-old draws UFO after sighting

A Kansas parent is wondering if their 5-year-old's comments about "a round plane with bolts" and subsequent drawing could b e an actual UFO sighting, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database.

The January 25 event occ

urred as the parent was driving their child home from school. The child made the comment about something she saw in the sky, but the parent, who was driving, was unable to view the object.

Two days later, the parent asked the child to make drawings of what she saw.

The following is the unedited and as yet uninvestigated report filed with MUFON. Please keep in mind that most UFO reports can be explained as something natural or manmade. If Kansas MUFON investigates and reports back on this case, I will release an update.

KS, January 25, 2010 - kid says round plane with bolts. MUFON Case # 21680.

I was driving my daughter home from school. She says to me look daddy, a round plane with bolts!

I really did not look because I was driving.

When we got home I began asking her questions. It was over a house and slowly moving south she pointed out to me.

What is really more bizzare to me is at age 5 I too saw my first UFO.

That was the first time my daughter even mentioned or talked about UFO. Two days later I asked her to draw me a picture of it. I was so amazed by this.

I said draw me another.

Almost a copy of the first one. I am so surprised because like I said never before did she ever known about UFO. See my girls pictures attached.

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