Saturday, May 29, 2010

UFO ABDUCTION - Italian Woman Impregnated by Aliens 100% Real Footage

This is the most amazing abduction case I have ever heard with the most evidence you could have I think! Please send this to your friends that don't believe as this one is very compelling.

English Subtitles: Another Jaime Maussan report. Italian lady who claims to have been abducted several times throughout her life and has a ton of physical evidence to prove it, including a real live alien fetus removed from her womb by doctors. Furthermore, she has taken both video and photographs of the ships and occupants in stunning clarity to further back up her story. This is an unbelievable case that warrants further investigation.

Metaphysics & Psychology -he can moves things from his mind?

First human infected with computer virus

A British scientist says he is the first man in the world to become infected with a computer virus.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Skyfish or Flying Rods

A new type of UFO

Rods are cylindrical shaped objects that range from four inches to a hundred feet in length. They appear to have a membrane along their torsos and numerous appendages, which give them a centipede like form that allows them to move in a wave like motion through the air.

They are seen to travel at extremely high speeds barely visible with the naked eye, but they can be captured on film. They don't seem to be mechanical or made of metal and appear to exhibit some form of intelligence, as they have been recorded swerving around objects in their paths.

They are possibly the best evidence of alien life to date, or at the least, an exotic new form of life. Some believe they are unidentified creatures described as 'sky fish', due to the undulating way that they travel through the skies. No one has ever found a dead one or brought one back alive. The only evidence of these 'rods' is recorded on videotape, and only seen when played back frame by frame, or in slow motion.

Flying rods have been observed and filmed all over the world, but were discovered accidentally by film maker Jose Escamilla in 1994, while filming in Midway, New Mexico.

Jose Escamilla was filming some cliff jumpers with parachutes jumping down into the 1300 foot deep cave. While the jumpers were descending, they found that there were many white flying objects flying around the cave, which they didn't see during their jump.

Edwin Fuhr - UFO close encounter

Farmer Edwin Fuhr, 36, was harvesting his rape crop at about 11:00 a.m., when he noticed a metallic-appearing dome-shaped object about 50 feet away in a grassy area.

Bigfoot Mating Season Underway In Florida Everglades

It's Bigfoot mating season in the Florida Everglades and researcher Dave Shealy says this furry creature is attracted to women on their periods.

It's Bigfoot mating season in the Florida Everglades and researcher Dave Shealy says this furry creature is attracted to women on their periods.

Thursday, May 13, 2010 17:10 GMT
OCHOPEE, Fla. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Bigfoot mating season is underway in the Florida Everglades and the furry, horny creature is out for blood.

Dave Shealy, an RV park owner in Ochopee, Florida, is the leading researcher of the Skunk Ape, Bigfoot’s “smaller, smellier cousin.”

He says there are seven to nine Skunk Apes currently living in the Everglades and right now is the best time to spot one because it’s their mating season.

Lately, he’s heard lots of campers report strange sounds coming from the swamps. He figures it’s the Skunk Ape’s mating call, which sounds like a low-pitched dove cooing.

Though Skunk Apes are generally shy, Shealy says women on their periods should be careful when hiking the area because the cryptoids are attracted to the scent of menstruation.

They’re also aroused by used lingerie, so female campers shouldn’t hang their panties out to dry because, in his words, “That’s like raising a flag and inviting them in.”

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Natural World : The moving rocks of Death Valley

Captured on video for the first time: the mysterious forces that move rocks across the surface of Racetrack Playa in California's Death Valley.

The UFO Phenomenon : Phoenix lights 2007

A series of lights filmed over Phoenix in 2007.

Modern Mysteries : Curse of Atuk

A curse surrounds the script to the film "The Incomparable Atuk." Among the dead actors associated with the project are John Belushi, John Candy, Sam Kinison and Chris Farley.

Metaphysics & Psychology : The matrix of consciousness

What is consciousness? Are we living in a world whereby what we perceive can be reality? Is the web of consciouness the matrix of illusion?

Giant flying dinosaur fossil found

Evidence of flying dinosaurs with a 9ft wingspan and more than 100 razor-sharp teeth that dominated the skies 95 million years ago has been discovered on a building site.

A 14 inch long lower jaw belonging to one of the reptiles was found by an amateur fossil hunter.

Two of its teeth were still present and experts were able to analyse it and produce an artists impression of what the beast looked like.

Paleontologists are now hailing the discovery as 'remarkable'.

They have named it Aetodactylus halli after it was uncovered by amateur fossil collector Lance Hall on a construction site near Dallas, Texas.

The long, narrow bone was embedded in a powdery shale but had been exposed by the excavation of a hillside next to a road.

Mr Hall said: "I was scanning the exposure and noticed what at first I thought was a piece of oyster shell spanning across a small erosion valley.

"Only about an inch or two was exposed and I almost passed it up thinking it was oyster, but then I realised it was more tan-coloured like bone.

"I started uncovering it and realised it was the jaw to something but I had no idea what.

"It was upside down and when I turned over the snout portion it was nothing but a long row of teeth sockets, which was very exciting."

Mr Hall donated the fossil to the Shuler Museum of Palaeontology at southern Methodist University, in Dallas, where it was examined by experts.

Paleontologist Dr Timothy Myers, from the university, said the animal would have had a wingspan of around 9ft.

He said: "The roughly 14 inch long lower jaw is nearly complete and would have held 54 sharp, pointed teeth.

"Almost all the teeth fell out shortly after the animal died, leaving only a single, broken tooth base and the tip of a small replacement tooth visible in the sockets.

"The jaw itself is very thin and delicate and widens slightly near the tip to accommodate the slightly larger first four tooth pairs.

"This find is remarkable because of its excellent three-dimensional preservation.

"Pterosaur bones were exceedingly delicate, so these animals are relatively poorly represented in the fossil record.

"When they are preserved, their bones are often flattened and distorted by compaction."

Dr Myers said the creature's lower teeth were evenly spaced and extended far back along the jaw, covering nearly three quarters of its length.

The upper and lower teeth interlaced when the jaws were closed.

He said the thinness of the jaws, the upward angle of the back half of the mandible and the lack of a pronounced expansion of the jaw tips indicate Aetodactylus is a new genus and species

Aetodactylus halli is a type of pterosaur, a group of flying reptiles commonly referred to as pterodactyls.

Pterosaurs ruled the skies from the late Triassic period, more than 200 million years ago, to the end of the Cretaceous period, about 65 million years ago, when they went extinct.

They represent the earliest vertebrates capable of flying.

Dr Myers said the Aetodactylus halli is one of the youngest examples of the pterosaur family, which are known as Ornithocheiridae, worldwide.

He added: "Aetodactylus represents one of the final occurrences of ornithocheirids prior to the transition to toothless species."

Aetodactylus halli would have soared above the Dallas-Fort Worth area during the Cretaceous Period when much of the state was under water.

Professor Louis Jacobs, from SMU's Huffington Department of Earth Sciences, said the conditions found in the area have proved perfect for preserving fossils.

He said: "The ancient sea that covered Dallas provided the right conditions to preserve marine reptiles and other denizens of the deep, as well as the delicate bones of flying reptiles that fell from their flight to the water below.

"The rocks and fossils here record a time not well represented elsewhere."

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Unsolved Mysteries: Mothman

bizarre creature plagues a town in West Virginia with multiple witnesses who testify its existence. What is it?

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