Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Electronic Voice Phenomenon


Electronic Voice Phenomenon is the alleged communication with the dead using tape recorders and similar devices. The modern day belief in EVP began the early 1980s in the United States, when Sarah Estep claimed to have recorded thousands of voices using her husband’s tape recorder. The American Association of EVP was formed and now has members in twenty different countries.

Twenty years earlier, Dr Konstantin Raudive was an exponent of EVP and published a number of books about his 70,000 messages, recorded over decades of research. His research became so popular that EVP is often known as “Raudive Voices”. In 1972 sound and radio engineers across Europe undertook with the Society of Paranormal Research experiments in the advancement of research into EVP.

R.K. Shergold, the then chairman of SPR believed that the experiments proved beyond a doubt that the phenomenon was real. The sceptics were soon to highlight that the major problem with EVP is that any electronic device could pick up rogue transmissions caused by passing radio users. It is impossible to say that all EVPs are due to cross modulation, but they are likely to be caused this way.

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