Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ghost Hunting Death

Christopher Kaiser, 29, of Charlotte, was struck and killed by a train while ghost hunting.

Shortly before 3 a.m. Friday, on the 119th anniversary of the Bostian Bridge train tragedy and at about the same time, between ten and twelve ghost hunters were on that approximately 300-foot long span of tracks.

They were hoping to hear the sounds of the crash, and perhaps see something paranormal.

Instead, a real Norfolk-Southern train with three engines and one car turned the corner as it headed east to Statesville, about 35 miles north of Charlotte, the authorities said.

The terrified "amateur ghost watchers" ran away, back toward Statesville, trying to cover the nearly 150 feet that they traveled to safety, said Iredell County Sheriff's Office Capt. Darren Campbell. All but two made it. Christopher Kaiser, 29, of Charlotte, was struck and instantly killed, said Campbell.

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