Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Orbs? Evidence or Dust?

Since the advent of digital cameras, there has been fierce debate on the authenticity of Orbs. They are circular blobs that appear on photographs taken on both digital and 35mm cameras.

The first Orb photographs were taken in cemeteries in the early 1990s, by American ghost hunters. They believed Orbs were the souls of the dead hovering over their gravestones. Orbs were then photographed in haunted locations suggesting that it was a form of energy associated with the paranormal.

For many years it was taken as fact that Orbs were paranormal activity but then various researchers began to prove that Orbs were not what they seemed. A group of English investigators showed that, depending on the camera, you would have different structured and coloured orbs. And not only that, but moisture and dust in the air caused similar effects.

Tests were undertaken with various substances including sand, dust and moisture. The results proved that the thousands of Orb photographs could be easily explained away. The manufacturers began to take note of the issues caused by Orbs and recent digital cameras are now fitted with an Orb-free filter, proving beyond a doubt that Orbs were little more than a technical glitch.

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