Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Thai Ghost at a party video

This discussion took place on a popular Thai TV morning programme in which they play a clip of a karaoke party. Nothing strange about that as it happens everyday in Thailand, but what is weird about this clip is that the video reportedly captured a ghost.

As the party is in full swing the camera captures one guest that is sat towards the door and is circled in red on the video, a young man who appears to be just another guest enjoying the party until you find out more about him.

The presenter of the programme goes on to disclose that the young man had tragically died on the way to the party however his spirit was captured enjoying the event. None of the guests saw him at the party and were unaware of his fate but he appeared on the video when it was reviewed later.

The programme goes on to show pictures taken at the accident scene, the young man was struck whilst riding his motorcycle to the party by a pickup and died due to injuries.

This video is curious to say the least, if this is a picture of a real ghost then maybe the young man did not know he had died and continued on his journey to the party as planned.

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