Friday, February 18, 2011

UFO above Chinese soccer match

The UFO clip below is making the rounds of the Chinese Internet and the massive online community of UFO enthusiasts in that part of the world.

The video clip which was allegedly filmed at some time in the last few days was taken by a fan watching a women's soccer match. While filming the event, it appears that an acquaintance sitting besides them alerted the videotographer to an unusual craft hovering above.

The event took place in the Chinese UFO hot spot of Guangzhou where such events are occurring at an increasingly regular rate. The UFO is seen moving from side to side near what appears to be a communications tower.

Thousands of Chinese citizens believe that their government is hiding knowledge of extraterrestrial activity on Earth and is now locked in a UFO cold-war with the US. Many commentators believe China is currently taunting the US with suggestions that they might very well reveal to the world what they about alien activity before America does.

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