Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mystery in Puno, Peru: Three Kilometers Long By 100 Meters Wide Crack Not Caused by a Quake

Puno Peru’s mysterious three kilometers long by 100 meter wide ‘huge crack’

A most extraordinary report from southern Peru, the sudden appearance of an ‘enormous crack opens in the earth’ that measured three kilometers long by 100 meters wide which occurred Wednesday in the Huacullani district in the province of Chucuito in Puno. A crack which wasn’t caused by an earthquake. According to news reports a five-yr-old boy, a resident of the rural community of Llorohoco, is still reported missing. The boy’s family escaped after their house collapsed due to the destruction caused by the giant ‘crack’.

‘The exact cause of the crack in the earth still unknown. Peru’s geophysical institute ruled out the occurrence of an earthquake in the region, but what is clear is that the ground opened up and large blocks of earth can be observed scattered throughout the area.’

Over at the USGS website, the confirmation of the absence of earthquake activity in Peru on February 23, the date the mysterious crack appeared in southern Peru.

According to Living in Peru:

‘Geological engineers from the regional committee for civil defense have arrived in the area to investigate the phenomenon and determine its causes, said Javier Pampamallco, Puno’s civil defense chief.’

According to Wikipedia, Puno is situated between the shores of Lake Titicaca, the largest lake in South America, and the Andes mountains which surround the city. Lake Titicaca is located on the border of Peru and Bolivia.

At the end of November of 2010, the reports of large cracks that appeared in central Bolivia, cracks which included ‘underground fires’.


COCHABAMBA, Bolivia – Residents of a small town in central Bolivia are afraid because their land is cracked and shows a fire underground in a geological phenomenon that experts believe may be due to a buildup of gases that, if continued, would force the evacuation of inhabitants.

“For three weeks, burning the earth, the earth is falling (collapsing), because it is burning,” he told AFP Angel Baltasar, who owns a farm near the hitherto unexplained underground fires.

The phenomenon occurs in an area of one hectare in the small town of New Happiness, the department of Cochabamba (center), home to 45 families.

There the land devoted to agriculture, from cracking three weeks ago, sinks, gas fumes out tongues of fire and sometimes also in the subsoil that are red-hot stones.

Researchers at the State College of Agriculture at the University of Cochabamba arrived on the scene to investigate what happens.

“We have to see the physical and chemical characteristics of this material (earth). It seems a geological phenomenon that may be generated in the depths of the earth’s crust. With the drought, the aquifers are depleted and that part is hollow with a maybe slip produces methane gas, “says researcher Alfredo Caceres.

In August of 2000 the BBC reported Ancient temple found under Lake Titicaca:

The ruins of an ancient temple have been found by international archaeologists under Lake Titicaca, the world’s highest lake.

A terrace for crops, a long road and an 800-metre (2,600 feet) long wall was also found under the waters of the lake, sited in the Andes mountains between Bolivia and Peru.

Dating back 1,000 to 1,500 years ago, the ruins are pre-Incan.

They have been attributed to the indigenous Tiwanaku or Tiahuanaco people, said Lorenzo Epis, the Italian scientist leading the Atahuallpa 2000 scientific expedition.

In early January a news report from Peru, UFO Filmed Over Lima Peru. On January 1st, the report of UFO encounter caught on film near Peru’s Nazca Lines.

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