Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dillman explains chi KO nullification

A famous skeptic stands up to a chi ko! George Dillman, martial arts fraud, tries to explain why the chi KO didn't work.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

ancient aliens pt3 Unexplained Structures

A look at various sites around the world, such as the 12,000 year old ruins of Göbekli Tepe.

Cryptozoology : The Gable Film

A look at the Gable footage showing an unknown primate rushing towards the cameraman.

UFO filmed prior to Royal Wedding

A tourist claims to have filmed a UFO over Westminster just prior to last week's Royal Wedding.

Hovering for 30 minutes the indistinguishable object has created a buzz amongst media outlets, appearing to change shape over time. "First we thought it was a parachute but it was way too high up," said the tourist who filmed it.

My Ghost Story 2.01 (Part 1)

Segment from a documentary that takes a look at paranormal experiences by people in their own homes.

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