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Happy New Year 2012 - Boon Lay Countdown Singapore

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ghost Activities @ Woodlands Singapore (Baxter)

K2 EMF Meter and Ghost Meter

The K2 EMF meter is a powerful fast sampling Electromagnetic field (EMF) meter that covers frequencies from 30-20,000 Hz. This makes the K2 EMF meter a great instrument for both Paranormal Research and for finding potentially harmful high EMF levels in your home or work environment. The K2 EMF meter is pocket sized so that you can always be ready to take a reading!

The Ghost Meter EMF Sensor is a simple one handed operation that works in low or no light, and has a fully adjustable audio tone.

The Ghost Meter has been calibrated to ignore the extremely subtle EMF emissions surrounding the human body, yet is still sensitive enough to detect the small, distinct, erratic EMF energy fluctuations frequently found at reputed haunted locations.

The Ghost Meter provides three corroborating indicators of EMF emission strength. A needle based display, LED lights, and an adjustable audio signal. The response time of this meter is excellent, easily outperforming more expensive EMF meters. It can also be operated in silent mode so it doesn't interfere with EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) recordings or distract other investigators during an investigation.

Compare the value this meter offers compared to other brands. There is no other offer that comes close to providing these levels of features and performance for the price. You've seen television ghost hunters use similar detectors. Now you can get your own and start investigating the unknown.

Monday, December 26, 2011


Sunday December 11,2011
By Martin McKeown

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SUSAN BOYLE has revealed she believes her home is haunted by her late mother and insisted she has seen her at least once since she died four years ago.

The Scottish star, who became an overnight sensation after appearing on Britain’s Got Talent in 2009, was devoted to mum Bridget and was devastated at her death, at the age of 91, in 2007.

It was Mrs Boyle who had inspired her daughter to enter the television show and the singer has often spoken of how she wanted to dedicate her success to her mother.

Now she has insisted she sees her ghost in the former council house they shared in Blackburn, West Lothian.


In an interview yesterday, she said: “The council house is my mother’s house. Her energy is still there. It’s my comfort zone. My mother said, ‘look after my house and look after my cat Pebbles’, and that’s what I did.

“I’ve actually seen my mother in the house. She wasn’t troubled. I think she was letting me know she was all right. There was a lovely smell. Perhaps it was her perfume, I’m not sure.”

She added: “I used to think she’d abandoned me when she died. Maybe she was telling me she hadn’t.”

Ms Boyle, 50, has moved back into the former family home she shared with her brothers and sister from a larger new house she had bought nearby after feeling uncomfortable and lonely.

Bridget’s death in 2007 would deeply affect Susan who stopped singing as she was so grief-stricken. Remembering her mother’s faith in her, however, was to push her to have one last go as a singer.

Local Residents Spot Bigfoot In West Virginia

Local Residents Spot Bigfoot In West Virginia
Written by Mike Woody
Wednesday, 21 December 2011 10:28

For decades its existence has been debated, thorough searches have found no conclusive evidence, but a pair of Tipp City women reportedly have the definite answer as they claim to have seen…Bigfoot. Terri Bessler and Crystal Krieger were driving through West Virginia when in the clear of day they spotted the behemoth mythical figure. It was walking up a truck ramp, off of the highway, up into the wooded mountains.

“It was huge, there is no way it was a person,” said Bessler, owner of Midwest Memories. The figure was a solid shade of black, and showed no definition of any clothing lines.

Krieger is in agreement that the ever elusive Bigfoot was seen. “If it was a real person, it was the biggest person in the world. And where would they be going? There is nothing up there but woods,” she said.

Unfortunately, Bessler could not tame her anxiety ridden hands enough to get a picture. By the time she maintained enough control of her phone to take one, they were around the curve and out of viewing distance.

The purpose of their excursion was to pick up Krieger’s son Cody, a 2011 graduate of Tippecanoe High School, from North Carolina and bring him home for Thanksgiving. In the U.S Marines, Cody is stationed at Camp Geiger for the School of Infantry.

They were enjoying just a typical drive through the mountains of West Virginia, when Bigfoot was clearly spotted and could not be anything else. The women estimate they were less than half a mile away from the Sasquatch and its size was in no way proportionate to a human. Neither their vision nor judgment was impaired in any way. “We weren’t sleep deprived or juiced up on caffeine,” said Bessler.

They expect that not everyone will believe their story, but they are certain of what they saw and urge everyone to keep an eye out for Bigfoot next time they travel through West Virginia.

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