Thursday, June 7, 2012

Man pushes elderly woman off a bus

Being Paranoid? Being Stressful? Being Possessed with Anger?

According to a news report, the incident happened at 3.15pm on Tuesday (June 5), on SMRT bus service 167 travelling along Upper Thomson Road, before Thomson Plaza. The 76-year-old woman had pressed the bell at the last minute, causing it to stop a bus length after the stop.

The man, 25-year-old Alex Ong, shouted at the woman: "Next time, please don't press the bell so late."

She replied: "It's none of your business."

Following this, Mr Ong got up and rushed to towards the woman and raised his hand, threatening to slap her. The two shouted at each other before Mr Ong pushed her out the door. The bus driver, an elderly man, and a woman in her 40s stepped in to help the elderly woman, who was visibly affected.

The bus driver then helped the woman to a seat on the bus before the bus moved on to the next stop. The police were eventually called in and Mr Ong apologized to the elderly woman.

He said: 'I didn't mean to hurt her. It's just that when you're angry, your mind gets into a state of disarray."

The elderly woman had minor injuries, but refused to be taken to hospital by the Singapore Civil Defence Force. 

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