Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Scientists now generally believe that the material world is produced by the vibration of the string.

Later technology superstring theory. Scientists now generally believe that the material world is produced by the vibration of the string. Superstring with independent life consciousness of the universe the smallest organism. The human soul is actually one of the superstring.
Scientific and technological community has finally touched the soul link. And in the human soul to soul with great interest. Now in all parts of the world have research and experimental institutions of the soul.
Scientists working on the soul exists. In Anglo-Saxon countries, scientists study a lot of clinical cases of near-death experiences.
And defines the soul as energy fields that exist in some form. United Kingdom doctor Sam-the Panyr is the world's first scientific experiment to prove "soul" real people. He of experimental design is such of: If patients died "soul" can bleach up, also can see own of body, see doctor were in rescue he of body, see ceiling Shang of lamp, then if in ceiling of below placed a plate, plate of above placed some small objects (only mountain Roma own know is what objects, others does not know), then "soul" on should can see these small objects.
If the patient can be salvage, what is able to identify small objects on the plate, you can differentiate between a "soul" is vague image, also is an objective reality of entities. Sam conducted research for more than more than 100 patients, of which there are many patients that have been rescuing wakes up after his own "soul" see the scene when in vitro, in particular small objects on the Board, said all right.
Sam's experiment was a success. Experiment of pioneering significance of Sam, his method was the world's first science experiment confirmed the "soul" of objectivity.
"Soul" is an objective entity, there is a certain size, you can float up, you can move, which is another form of life exists, rather than vague imagination. On June 20, 2001, Sam is invited to speak at Houston's Rice University made a presentation entitled "near-death experiences: perspective brain death is a new science of consciousness?
"Report, Sam also introduced the next studies: United Kingdom will cost £ 140,000 for cardiac arrest" near-death experiences, "interdisciplinary studies; United States Houston, Baylor" consciousness and the relationship between gene expression "study; and United Kingdom and the United States of other research.
Finally Sam show a typical had "near-death experiences" experienced people videotaped, and responded to questions raised by the audience. Superstring and soul are opened a physical sciences mysterious side. Touch the soul and multidimensional space, so that we can reach a whole new world. Perhaps through the string and soul to learn more about humanity itself. 

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