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The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel

The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel
The real 'Emily Rose'.

1st July 1976:
Twenty-three year old Anneliese Michel died from malnutrition and starvation, in her family home. For nearly a year Anneliese had undergone more than sixty sessions of exorcism, in an attempt to rid her of the demon/demons, that had taken possession of her physical body.

Not everyone accepted the idea of demonic possession, least of all the legal system in Germany. After a investigation into Anneliese death, her parents and the two priests involved, were charged by the state for neglectful homicide.

The story and the court case gained much notoriety, as Demonic Possession was still a fearful topic - hot on the minds of the millions who had watched 'The Exorcist', which had been released only a few years beforehand (1974 in Germany).

Anneliese Michel was born in Bavaria, West Germany in 1952. Her family were strict Catholics, and when she was suspected of suffering from epilepsy, they supplemented much of the medical treatments with heavy prayer.

Anneliese was described as being a kind, generous and devoutly religious girl. Early in her life, she became ill and was hospitalised in a sanatorium designed for tuberculosis patients. It was here that she experienced her first Grand Mal Seizure; a seizure that effects the entire brain and can cause hallucination, massive swings in emotion and feelings of foreboding before unconsciousness and muscular convulsions.

After treatments, Anneliese was able to return home, and her health seemed to stabilise for a while, before deeply emotional episodes began to come to the surface.

She began seeing visions of strange creatures, monsters and demons in the walls of her home.

At sixteen, she was finally diagnosed with epilepsy, this being the closest illness to take all of her symptoms into account. She was admitted to a psychiatric hospital, but the treatment did little to improve her condition. After being prescribed several anti-seizure drugs, and due to there being no short term alleviation of her symptoms, Anneliese once again sought comfort in her faith.

Anneliese and her parents were becoming increasingly convinced that her illness was not physical or mental, but was more of a spiritual sickness. A pilgrimage to San Damiano, Italy, had them all convinced that a demonic possession was taking place; Anneliese could not longer walk past religious objects or partake in the holy sacrament.

The Michel family requested an exorcism, but were informed that only the Bishop could grant permission for such a ritual to be performed.

Two priests were referred to the 'Michel case'. Many others had heard of the possible demonic possession, and all were reluctant to take part in an exorcism. Eventually word (and referral) reached Father Arnold Renz and Father Ernst Alt, and the Bishop finally granted permission for an exorcism to take place.

As a matter of form, a medical opinion must be sought by the church in order to rule out any other possible explanation for a persons behaviour, before setting them to the rigours of exorcism. To comply with the Church policy many medical opinions were sought, and although a diagnosis of epilepsy was always forwarded, no one could diagnose all of Anneliese's symptoms.

On 24th September, 1975 the first of 67 exorcism sessions took place (each lasting up to four hours). This went on for close to a year. The idea behind an exorcism is to communicate with the demonic presence within its host, and either force it to leave, or bind it to an oath to depart and never return.

This 'communication' involves the use of prayer, religious artefacts and the invocation of the Saints, Jesus Christ or God.

The person playing host to the demon i.e. the possessed, is not to be brought to any harm during the proceedings, although restraints may be used for the safety of everyone involved.

Initially Anneliese did continue to take her medication, but towards the end of her life she disposed of the pharmaceuticals entirely, to fully focus on the religious rites.

During the exorcism sessions, Anneliese's body would be thrown around and contort in her attempts at prayer. Vile and 'inhuman' voices would pass from her lips, and the names of several demons were uttered.

Anneliese soon began to speak nonsensically, saying she was a martyr for the youth, and that her death would be an atonement for their sins. It was at this time she began to refuse food and drink and on the 1st July, 1976 she died of dehydration and malnutrition. Her body weighed a mere 30 kilograms.

Her last words to the priests were "Beg for Absolution" and to her mother Anna, she said, "Mother, I'm afraid." Both were said the day before she died.

The priests and Anneliese's family believe the demons were cast out before she passed.

Anneliese was buried in Klingenberg am Main, Bavaria, but her body was not to remain at peace for long.

Soon after her death, an investigation was carried out. Anneliese's parents, together with the two priests who conducted the exorcism, were up on charges of neglectful homicide. It was said that even during the final week of the exorcism, her death may have been prevented through hospitalisation.

At the conclusion of the trial, all parties were found guilty of manslaughter although the prison sentences were suspended, and the priests were fined.

It should be noted that a verdict of 'not guilty' would have added to the support of the existence of demonic possession, which is something the justice system could not allow to happen.

It was during the trial that Annelises remains were exhumed, in an attempt to sway support for the rite of exorcism to have been the only course to have been taken, due to a possession of Anneliese body by a demon or demons. A nun had been granted a vision that Anneliese body had been deemed incorruptible and was preserved through spiritual intervention.

Her body was exhumed two years after being interred into the ground. Officials reported that the body showed signs of decomposition consistent with the duration of burial. However the priests and family were not given the right to view the remains, with Father Renz being refused entry to the mortuary.

The grave and final resting place of Anneliese is still visited by many people, as a site of pilgrimage.

Several movies have been made based on the events of Anneliese Michels life, exorcism and death including 'The Exorcism of Emily Rose' and the German film 'Requiem'.

So was Anneliese afflicted with epilepsy, with the Grand Mal Seizures the cause for her symptoms (impacted by other possible psychological conditions)?
Or was this a true case of demonic possession?

A recording of the Exorcism Audio can be listened too here:

Ashley Hall 2012. All reference material can be made available on request.

Photo: Anneliese Michel in her 20's. Insets: Photos taken during the exorcism and shortly before her death.

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Taiwan Alien : Policeman Photographed Transparent Creature Near Jiaming Lake In Taiwan

Taiwan UFOlogy Society (TUFOS) on Saturday announced a transparent alien creature was photographed by a police officer near Jiaming Lake, located at an altitude of 3310 meters, in the southern part of the Central Highlands in Taitung.

Above photograph shows large alien creatures with transparent body, webbed hands, seen from a distance. Due to its odd shape, TUFOS certain, it's not human, but a creature from outer space.

Chairman TUFOS, Huang Chao-ming revealed, the photo was taken by a police officer with his iPhone 4.

Taiwan alien closeup image :
To investigate whether the photo is genuine, claiming TUFOS takes a year to consult with expert mobile technology, computer imagery, and photography cameras to check out the photos. However, no definite conclusions.
The photos were taken by Chen Yung-huang, a policeman who was walking around the lake Jiaming with his colleagues on May 14 last year.

Chen said he did not see anything out of the ordinary while he was photographing in the mountain. 

Jiaming Lake
Jiaming Lake is located in Haiduan Township, Taitung County. It is situated on the east side of Mt. Sancha, and is 7 kilometers from Mt. Xiangyang as the crow flies.
The water reaches a depth of 6 meters, and no streams enter or leave the lake. The lake nevertheless remains full of water at all times of the year. The water in the lake is a deep sapphire blue, and has been described as "angels' tears.
Jiaming Lake's most notable feature is that the Central Geological Survey, MOEA, has determined that it was created by a meteorite strike, and is the only lake in Taiwan known to have been formed in this way. The shore of Jiaming Lake is covered with rocky debris and glassy material, including black, brown, and white glass. In addition, the surfaces of certain kinds of debris show signs of melting at high temperature, and quartz grains in stones around the lake have been subjected to extreme shattering forces.
Geologists have determined that the glass found at this lake shows signs of extreme internal stress. Since there are no nearby volcanoes, nor have there been glaciers or signs of erosion by ice or snow, it is therefore thought that Jiaming Lake was indeed probably formed by meteorite impact.

Source :

Taiwan Alien : Policeman Photographed... by ufoblogger

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Ghost hunter dies after investigation

Ghost Hunter Dies After Harmful Exposure During Investigation
Raleigh, NC. A few weeks ago, PRS was contacted by Shane Harris, a fellow paranormal investigator based in North Carolina, whose wife, Sara (also an investigator) became ill after investigating a private residence. According to Mr. Harris, the location had bat and rodent droppings.  Mr. Harris believes that the air was stirred up during the investigation and Sara inhaled something that later infected her lungs.  It rapidly reached a point where her lungs could no longer sustain themselves on their own.  Sara was put on life support and fought a hard battle for a month.  We were informed that Sara Harris passed away around 12:30pm EST on Sunday, Nov. 25th, 2012.

Mrs. Harris’ untimely demise reminds us all of the real-world dangers of investigating.  And Shane Harris wants to share his wife’s story so that this tragedy does not repeat itself.  He has begun a mission of urging investigators to wear a mask when investigating older buildings.

“I am reaching out to the paranormal community for prayers and also so you can protect your self against the things we can not see that are living and breathing in the air we breath…Please be careful, as I don’t want this to happen to you…” – Shane Harris

We here in PRS would like to offer our deepest sympathies to Mr. Harris. His story has touched us, and he has decided to come on Paranormal Insider Radio tonight to tell us his wife’s story.  The show will be dedicated to Sara’s memory.

All of us who have dedicated some part of our lives to investigating the unknown understand that the dangers in this field are plentiful. We have lost one of our own today. She put herself in harms way to contribute to this field. Please light a candle in the dark for Mrs. Harris, and pray for Mr. Harris and family in your own way tonight.

We will continue to follow the story of Mrs. Harris’ passing and offer any information the family/team provides (such as how to send your condolences) us.

Link for tonight’s radio show program:
Link to Sara’s obituary & online candle lighting:
Editor’s Note: Sara Harris’ picture comes from her paranormal investigation teams website.

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Brain-removal tool left in mummy's skull

Researchers have discovered a tool used by ancient Egyptian embalmers within the skull of a mummy.

The removal of the brain was a common step in ancient Egyptian mummification techniques however it is rare for the embalmers to have left a tool such as this behind after the procedure was completed. The tool was discovered through the use of CT scans designed to examine the interior of the resin-filled brain cavity. An endoscope was then used to take a closer look.

"We cut it with a clamp through the endoscope and then removed it from the skull," said lead researcher Dr. Mislav Cavka. "It almost definitely would have been used in excerebration [brain removal] of the mummy."

female egyptian mummy ct scan
CT scans of a 2,400-year-old female mummy revealed a tubular object embedded in its skull between the brain's left parietal bone and the resin filled back of the skull. It would turn out to be a tool used for the removal of the brain. This is only the second time that such a tool has been reported in the skull of an ancient Egyptian mummy.
CREDIT: Image copyright RSNA RadioGraphics
A brain-removal tool used by ancient Egyptian embalmers has been discovered lodged in the skull of a female mummy that dates back around 2,400 years.
Removal of the brain was an Egyptian mummification procedure that became popular around 3,500 years ago and remained in use in later periods.
Identifying the ancient tools embalmers used for brain removal is difficult, and researchers note this is only the second time that such a tool has been reported within a mummy's skull.

The discovery
Located between the left parietal bone and the back of the skull, which had been filled with resin, the object was discovered in 2008 through a series of CT scans. Researchers then inserted an endoscope (a thin tube often used for noninvasive medical procedures) into the mummy to get a closer look and ultimately detach it from resin to which it had gotten stuck.  [See Photos of Mummy & Brain-Removal Tool]

female egyptian mummy
The female Egyptian mummy, dating back 2,400 years, likely died at the age of 40. When she was mummified, the embalmers seem to have left the brain-removal tool in her skull, something discovered by researchers.
CREDIT: Mislav Cavka

"We cut it with a clamp through the endoscope and then removed it from the skull," said lead researcher Dr. Mislav Čavka, of the University Hospital Dubrava in Zagreb Croatia, in an interview with LiveScience.
They found themselves peering at an object more than 3 inches (8 centimeters) long that would have been used for liquefying and removing the brain. "It almost definitely would have been used in excerebration [brain removal] of the mummy," Čavka said.

The instrument would have been inserted through a hole punched into the ethmoid bone near the nose. "Some parts [of the brain] would be wrapped around this stick and pulled out, and the other parts would be liquefied," Čavka said.

The Egyptian mummy could then be put on its abdomen and the liquid drained through the nose hole. "It is an error that [the] embalmers left this stick in the skull," said Čavka, adding the tool may have broken apart during the procedure.

This embalming accident, unfortunate for the ancient mummy, has provided researchers with a very rare artifact. Čavka's team point out in a paper they published recently in the journal RSNA RadioGraphics the only other brain-removal stick found inside a mummy's skull dates back 2,200 years.

mummy brain-removal tool
The object, which measures 3 inches (8 cm) in length, was cut off from resin that it had gotten stuck to (hence the jagged edge). Made of a species Monocotyledon plant, it would have been used to remove the mummy's brain. It was left in the skull by the embalmers by accident, possibly because it broke off.
CREDIT: Photo copyright RSNA RadioGraphics

"Probably in museums in Egypt there are many other evidences, but they were not found inside the skull," making it tricky to identify such artifacts as brain-removal tools, said Čavka.

The mummy is currently in the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb Croatia and is that of a woman who died around the age of 40. Brought to Croatia in the 19th century without a coffin, it's not known where she was found in Egypt. Radiocarbon dating and CT scans of the mummy determined its date to be around 2,400 years. Her cause of death is unknown.

New insights

The stick is quite brittle and the team could not do as thorough of an analysis as they'd hoped. Looking at it under a microscope, botanical experts determined the tool is made from plants in the group Monocotyledon, which includes forms of palm and bamboo.

female egyptian mummy
When the object was first discovered researchers were not sure what it was. So they inserted an endoscope (a thin tube used for non-invasive medical procedures) into the mummy to get a closer look. (Left): the object in situ; (Right): a close-up of the base of the object.
CREDIT: Images copyright RSNA RadioGraphics

The most curious find came when the researchers compared their discovery with an ancient account of brain removal made by the Greek writer Herodotus in the fifth century B.C. A visitor to Egypt, he had this to say about how Egyptian brain removal worked (as translated by A. D. Godley, Cambridge, Harvard University Press, 1920, through Perseus Digital Library):

"Having agreed on a price, the bearers go away, and the workmen, left alone in their place, embalm the body. If they do this in the most perfect way, they first draw out part of the brain through the nostrils with an iron hook, and inject certain drugs into the rest."

The recent discovery suggests an organic stick, not an "iron hook," was used in at least some of these procedures, possibly for economic reasons. Researchers note that the tool found in the skull of the other mummy, dating from 2,200 years ago, was also made of an organic material.

"It is known that mummification was widely practiced throughout ancient Egyptian civilization, but it was a time-consuming and costly practice. Thus, not every­one could afford to perform the same mummifi­cation procedure," write the researchers in their journal article.

Source : 

Police officer reports UFO sighting

A policeman has reported seeing a UFO moving at supersonic speeds while he was off duty in Birmingham.

The object was described as a "light with a bluish tinge" that "pulsed rhythmically" before zooming off across the sky. Air traffic control was contacted about the incident but they said they hadn't picked up anything that coincided with the sighting. "I thought at first that it was a plane," said the officer. "Then I realised, as it was only a single light, this was not likely to be the case. Besides, I had never seen an aircraft in that part of the sky."

"The officer had been off-duty on the night in question and he did not report anything officially to the control room," stated West Midlands police when queried about the incident. Former MoD UFO investigator Nick Pope also weighed in on the case, stating that "this could be the real thing."

Officer Claims UFO Sighting

A police officer has claimed he saw a UFO moving at supersonic speed while driving off-duty near Birmingham airport.

The PC reportedly spotted the UFO near Birmingham airport.

The unnamed officer, an acting sergeant with West Midlands police, saw a ‘light with a bluish tinge’ that ‘pulsed rhythmically’ and zoomed off.

A colleague called air traffic control, but workers there said they had seen nothing.

The officer later told his story to a UFO fan who posted it on the Haunted Skies website.

‘I noticed a light in the sky which was pulsing rhythmically. It was very bright and had a bluish tinge to it,’ the website reported the officer as saying.

‘I thought at first that it was a plane. Then I realised, as it was only a single light, this was not likely to be the case.

‘Besides, I had never seen an aircraft in that part of the sky.’

West Midlands police said the force was aware of the incident but that ‘the officer had been off-duty on the night in question and he did not report anything officially to the control room’.

UFO expert Nick Pope, who previously investigated alleged alien sightings for the Ministry of Defence, told Birmingham’s Sunday Mercury: ‘This could be the real thing – a UFO in our airspace and military aircraft scrambled to intercept.’

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101 detained in China over doomsday rumors

Police in China have detained over 100 individuals for spreading rumors about the end of the world.

The arrests were carried out across eight provinces and included several members of a fringe Christian group called 'Almighty God'. Authorities seized leaflets, books and DVDs designed to promote the idea that the world is coming to an end on December 21st.

Among those arrested were four doom-sayers who had been preaching through a loudspeaker to people in the streets. Thirty-seven members of the 'Amighty God' group were also picked up in northwest China's Qinghai province while four more were detained in the Inner Mongolia region on suspicion of swindling elderly people living in some of the country's remote mountainous areas.

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