Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ghost hunter dies after investigation

Ghost Hunter Dies After Harmful Exposure During Investigation
Raleigh, NC. A few weeks ago, PRS was contacted by Shane Harris, a fellow paranormal investigator based in North Carolina, whose wife, Sara (also an investigator) became ill after investigating a private residence. According to Mr. Harris, the location had bat and rodent droppings.  Mr. Harris believes that the air was stirred up during the investigation and Sara inhaled something that later infected her lungs.  It rapidly reached a point where her lungs could no longer sustain themselves on their own.  Sara was put on life support and fought a hard battle for a month.  We were informed that Sara Harris passed away around 12:30pm EST on Sunday, Nov. 25th, 2012.

Mrs. Harris’ untimely demise reminds us all of the real-world dangers of investigating.  And Shane Harris wants to share his wife’s story so that this tragedy does not repeat itself.  He has begun a mission of urging investigators to wear a mask when investigating older buildings.

“I am reaching out to the paranormal community for prayers and also so you can protect your self against the things we can not see that are living and breathing in the air we breath…Please be careful, as I don’t want this to happen to you…” – Shane Harris

We here in PRS would like to offer our deepest sympathies to Mr. Harris. His story has touched us, and he has decided to come on Paranormal Insider Radio tonight to tell us his wife’s story.  The show will be dedicated to Sara’s memory.

All of us who have dedicated some part of our lives to investigating the unknown understand that the dangers in this field are plentiful. We have lost one of our own today. She put herself in harms way to contribute to this field. Please light a candle in the dark for Mrs. Harris, and pray for Mr. Harris and family in your own way tonight.

We will continue to follow the story of Mrs. Harris’ passing and offer any information the family/team provides (such as how to send your condolences) us.

Link for tonight’s radio show program: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/paranormalinsider
Link to Sara’s obituary & online candle lighting: http://www.jerniganwarren.com/new_view.php?id=103970
Editor’s Note: Sara Harris’ picture comes from her paranormal investigation teams website.

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