Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Police mistake ghost hunters for burglars

The tour ended abruptly when a patrolman mistook the group for robbers. Image Credit: sxc.hu

A group of people on a ghost tour in Gettysburg were arrested after police mistook them for burglers.

The group had been touring an allegedly haunted civil war era building to which the first Union general had been taken when he was injured during the Battle of Gettysburg. Now a Victorian-style photography studio, the building is said to play host to paranormal activity and is a popular destination for ghost tours in the area.

Not everything went according to plan on a recent tour during Thanksgiving however when two ghost hunters and a tour guide ended up being arrested at gunpoint by a police officer who believed that they had broken in to the building. The patrolman had been passing by when he noticed flashlights through the windows and had automatically assumed that the place was being robbed.

The matter was eventually sorted out after police contacted Gettysburg Ghost Tours to confirm that the group had permission to be there. All three individuals were later released without charge.

Private investigator films UFO

The object was sighted over Los Angeles. Image Credit: YouTube / Joe Rodriguez

An investigator watching a building in the early hours managed to film something unusual in the sky.

Joe Rodriguez had been on stakeout in Los Angeles on December 3rd when, upon casting his eyes briefly skyward, he caught sight of a strange brightly lit object hovering high above the trees and power lines.

In an interview with YouTube channel "ThirdPhaseOfTheMoon", Rodriguez stated that he did not believe that the object was a balloon, airplane or other conventional aircraft.

The video footage along with the interview can be viewed below.

Friday, December 13, 2013

'World's scariest advert' unveiled in Japan

Not for the faint of heart. Image Credit: YouTube / Autoway Tyres

The paranormal themed tyre commercial is so terrifying that it comes with its own health warning.

Eager to make sure that their latest advertising campaign stands out from the crowd, one Japanese tyre company has created a television advertisement so terrifying that many of those who watch it may need to sit down for a moment to collect their nerves.

The Autoway Tyres ad features a dashboard camera view of a vehicle driving along a snow-covered road in the dark. The unsuspecting occupants soon discover that they are not alone however as the ghostly figure of a girl appears on the road ahead and then proceeds to loom towards the camera in a jump scare sure to frighten the living daylights out of anyone who is watching.

So terrifying is the advert in fact that it comes with its own health warning to those with a heart condition or nervous disposition. Suffice to say, if you have a particular aversion to jump scares it might be a good idea to pass on this one.

The advert can be viewed below, but please, don't have nightmares.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

'Poltergeist' disturbs Luton restaurant table

CCTV footage from Jimmy’s World Grill and Bar in Luton shows chairs and cutlery moving on their own.

The peculiar footage, which seems to show objects moving by themselves just moments after a customer moves away from the table, appears to have staff members at the eatery genuinely perplexed. The activity begins at around the 50 second mark and is concentrated at the table at the bottom center of the frame.

"The incident was brought to my attention by a customer who was sitting a few tables away and heard a loud crash," said manager Rehan Anwar. "When she turned around there was nobody sat at the table which baffled her. I instantly went over to the table where the incident had taken place to find a broken plate and cutlery on the floor. I didn’t think too much of it at the time but when talking to the staff about it a couple of days later they joked about it being a ghost."

The footage shows the chair, the menu, the napkin and the cutlery all being moved by an unseen force. Unfortunately it's difficult to rule out the possibility of a hoax because it's impossible to see what lies directly in front of the table off camera.

"The suspected ghost or poltergeist has created a lot of interest amongst the staff and it makes locking up at night a little bit scary," said Anwar.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Malaysian boy who went missing after entering 'haunted' Villa Nabila found in friend's home with GF

PHOTOS: The Star, internet (inset)
A 16-year-old youth who went missing after he went into the abandoned Villa Nabila bungalow, said to be one of the five most haunted places in Malaysia, has been found by the police.

Situated on top of a hill that overlooks the Straits of Johor, the Danga Bay estate got its spooky reputation no thanks to several urban legends of reported occurrences on the property.

According to a report on Malaysian newspaper The Star, the authorities found Mohamad Izzat Izzudin Husin and his girlfriend at a friend's home in the early parts of Tuesday (Nov 19), a day after he was reported missing.

He was last seen entering the Villa Nabila at around 12.30am on Monday (Nov 18).

One of his friends, Megat Irfan Abdullah Shahrimin, also 16, said in an interview that he and his friends entered the compound then to take a look inside.

“At first everything was quite normal but things turned eerie after we spent more than half an hour there.
“Suddenly a few of our friends started screaming hysterically while shouting at us. We then ran out of the place to a nearby mosque to seek help,” he said.

Mohamad Izzat was realised to have gone missing after a mutual friend asked Megat Irfan if he had seen the former.

The teenager's mother went on to file a missing persons report with the police, who mounted a manhunt for him at the villa but to no avail.

However, the authorities later found Muhamad Izzat, who was together with his girlfriend, at a friend's house in the early parts of Tuesday (Nov 19).

Johor police chief Senior Deputy Comm Datuk Mohd Mokhtar Mohd Shariff said at a press conference:

"He is still under our custody and we have recorded his and his girlfriend's statements.

"They will be handed over to their respective families soon."

The pair will be allowed to return home later in the day.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Police: No group of children went missing at 'haunted' Villa Nabila in Danga Bay

There's no truth to social media reports that a group of 23 children went missing at Villa Nabila, an abandoned bungalow in Danga Bay here reputed to be among the five spookiest places in Malaysia, police said. -- PHOTO: THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK
JOHOR BARU (The Star/Asia News Network) There's no truth to social media reports that a group of 23 children went missing at Villa Nabila, an abandoned bungalow in Danga Bay here reputed to be among the five spookiest places in the country.

Johor Baru (South) deputy police superintendent Abdul Samad Salleh said Monday that police had only received a report about a 16-year-old boy missing since Saturday and purportedly seen entering the villa.
"It is just hearsay. I urged the public not to believe in it and to stop spreading rumours," he said when met at the scene.

Rumours have been circulating on the Internet that a group of kids playing in the abandoned house had gone missing.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Power Of Our Thoughts & Words On Water:

The Power Of Our Thoughts & Words On Water:

Consciousness has measurable effects on the geometric structure of water crystals. Here are some photos taken by Dr. Masaru Emoto that demonstrate the effects direct states of conscious intention has on the structure of water.

How is water and consciousness tied together and related to humans and plants? One of the original pioneers in water consciousness studies, Dr. Marcel Vogel, determined that when bulk water was in the process of freezing, excess energy is extracted from the water.

At this point, the molecules start to spin and link together in the pattern of a tetrahedron. Dr. Vogel also noted that, at this juncture, water develops a consciousness, 'a memory, a knowing of what they were designed to do (and) to be.'

What Dr. Vogel found out is that “the energy of mind, projected through a crystal, will structure water” which also corresponds with Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work with how consciousness affects water and water crystals.

“Water, in the process of crystallization into ice, will exhibit all of the patterns of the crystallographic world around us. It is the personification in a single bit of matter of all that is,” stated Dr. Vogel.

If 90% of our bodies are water, then it would stand to reason that this would be a primary reason why plants (mainly comprised of water) have a consciousness, too.

The following was extracted from an article entiled, "Plant Consciousness":

Concerning a plant's pain
In the research of Jagadish Chandra Bose, in plant stimuli, he showed with the help of his newly invented crescograph that plants responded to various stimuli as if they had nervous systems like that of animals. He therefore found a parallelism between animal and plant tissues. His experiments showed that plants grow faster in pleasant music and its growth retards in noise or harsh sound. His major contribution in the field of biophysics was the demonstration of the electrical nature of the conduction of various stimuli (wounds, chemical agents) in plants, which were earlier thought to be of chemical in nature.He claimed that plants can "feel pain, understand affection etc.," from the analysis of the nature of variation of the cell membrane potential of plants, under different circumstances. According to him a plant treated with care and affection gives out a different vibration compared to a plant subjected to torture."

Plants Know Who Their Siblings Are
Some more amazing research has shown that plants actually know their own siblings and kin, with the help of chemicals released from the roots. This way, if siblings of the plants are growing alongside them, the plants will grow their roots more downward and be taller, whereas if alien plants are living beside them, they will grow their roots outward and the alien plants will be shorter and grow less.

Plants Can Think and Remember
Recent research has uncovered that plants transmit information about light intensity and quality from leaf to leaf in a very similar way to the nervous system of human beings. In the experiment that found this, scientists showed that light shone on to one leaf caused the whole plant to respond and the response, which took the form of light-induced chemical reactions in the leaves, continued in the dark. This showed that the plant remembered the information encoded in light. Plants seem to be able to perform a sort of biological light computation, using information contained in the light to immunize themselves against diseases.

These "electro-chemical signals" are carried by cells that act as "nerves" of the plants.

There is an energy that flows throughout everything on this planet and throughout the entire multiverse. There is one invisible energy that ties us all together. Man, woman, cat, dog, tree, rocks, and any other manifestations of energy are all interconnected. The principle of Oneness is found in all ancient religions. The new evidence implies that these ancient beliefs, which were answers that mystics found by going within and accessing higher knowledge, were true in the sense that all is one and all is connected. The whole multiverse is, in this case, a sentient organism.

Never treat a plant like it is an inanimate object. It is just as alive as you are, just in a different way. Its consciousness is basic but it does exhibit feelings of fear, Empathy, happiness, etc. Is it not best to respect everything and everyone the same way you respect yourself? Why must it only involve human beings? Why not broaden the criteria to everything with a consciousness? It is the right thing to do that you can see in the deep of your soul. If we treat all manifested Reality as if it was us, but in a different manifestation, then imagine how different life would be.

The purity and unselfishness of plant existence can be pondered upon. Plant life can be seen as a model for ideal human conduct; unlike animals and humans, most plants do not kill and do not live at the expense of other organisms. They are in direct contact with all four elements (earth, wind, water, and fire i.e. sun) and their ability to transform cosmic energy is absolutely indispensable for life on this planet. Plants are uncontaminated by questions about purpose, awareness of goals, or concerns about the future; rather they seem to represent pure being in the here and now, the ideal of many mystical and spiritual schools of thought. Not exploiting and hurting other organisms, most plants serve themselves as a source of food and bring beauty and joy into the life of others.

All info and photo from

The flim you about to watch?

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Drones responsible for rise in UFO sightings

An Aeryon Scout UAV. Image Credit: Dkroetsch

According to the National UFO Reporting Center, UFO sightings jumped by 42 percent between 2011 and 2012.

Despite the rise in reports however, explanations for sightings of unidentified flying objects seem to be increasingly forthcoming. A recent spate of UFO activity pertaining to sightings of silent orange orb-like objects for example turned out to be the result of an increase in the use of Chinese lanterns.

Most recently, UFO researchers have also identified drones as an increasingly common source of UFO reports. These unmanned aircraft are used for a number of purposes including military intelligence gathering, surveillance and news reporting.

While many drones are shaped like small planes, others are intentionally designed around traditional UFO shapes such as triangles and saucers. Sightings of these objects, especially in the dark, have seen people scrambling for their cameras and uploading video footage on to social networking sites.

In one such instance back in June, protestors in San Paulo spotted a peculiar object hovering over their demonstration. It later turned out that the anomalous craft was in fact a drone that belonged to a local TV station.

Three men arrested over 'Bigfoot' shooting

Attempts to hunt down Bigfoot have been ongoing for years. Image Credit: CC BY 2.0 Redwood Coast

Three amateur Bigfoot hunters ended up is custody after one of them accidentally shot one of his friends.

According to the Oklahoma Sheriff's Department, the three men had been attempting to hunt down the elusive hominid on Saturday night when one of them became spooked, believing he'd run in to the legendary creature, and managed to put a bullet in his friend's back instead.

The men immediately called the emergency services who arrived promptly on the scene. Despite the nature of the injury the man who was shot is expected to survive the ordeal.

Authorities investigating the incident were unable to locate any sign of the weapon used in the shooting but concluded that the incident was purely accidental. Sheriff Scott Walton admitted that the circumstances surrounding the shooting were a little unusual. "When you start off with an explanation like that, do you believe anything after that ?" he said.

'Ghost' vortex damages parked police car

The vortex broke the mirror and ripped it clean off. Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 Ildar Sagdejev

A Hartford police officer returning to his vehicle on Wednesday discovered to his dismay that it appeared to have been vandalized. The damage seemed to be centered primarily around one of the wing mirrors which had been torn off entirely and then deposited on the ground next to the car.

Determined to catch those responsible, the officer reviewed CCTV footage of the area to catch the perpetrator in the act but instead bore witness to something altogether unexpected.

The footage appeared to show a strange whirling vortex sweeping across the parking lot before settling over his car and tearing off the wing mirror. The vortex didn't seem to damage any of the other vehicles and somehow managed to drop the broken mirror directly beside the car that it had come from.

Meteorologist Brad Field believes that the phenomena is what is known as a dust devil, a small whirlwind that can form under the right conditions.

"The only way you can see the dust devil is that it picks up dust and debris into it," he said.

CCTV footage at a police parking lot has revealed an unusual culprit in a recent vandalism case.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Real life exorcism: the clip was ABC's news channel

Real life exorcism: the clip was ABC's news channel made documentary named "Showing The Real Life Exorcism" in 1991. There are some good explanation in this clip about the differences in between Possession and Psychotic reaction.

The Swing at Playground

Someone placed on my facebook about a swing, swinging at abt 1030pm. He was jogging and when he reached this place, the swing was swinging, no wind he said, and lasted a few minutes. What do you think?

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Gang dressed as ZOMBIES carry out armed raid on jewellery store

The thieves donned scary Halloween outfits before robbing a jewellery store in Mexico City and fleeing with £48,000 worth of stock
Fright night: the Day of the Dead celebrations occur alongside Halloween 
Employees in a Mexican jewellery store were given the fright of their lives when the shop was broken into by a group of 'armed zombies'.

The gang wielded handguns and rifles while they rounded up the terrified workers before making off with an estimated £48,000 worth of jewellery.

Police reports suggest the looters smashed the jewellery cases with hammers before helping themselves to a selection of chains, rings and bracelets.

The robbery occurred on the annual Day of the Dead and were kitted out in the scary outfits to preserve their identities including likenesses of zombies, mummies and other Halloween characters.

According to police unarmed security guards at the shopping centre in Mexico City's central district but the gang threatened them with the weapons before fleeing the scene.

The Day of the Dead coincides with Halloween celebrations across the world and it is apparently not uncommon to see large groups wandering the streets in full costume.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Expedition aims to search for Tasmanian tiger

Thylacine expedition leader Mike Williams, left, and Rebecca Lang are part of the expert team hoping to fi nd evidence that could solve Tasmania’s great Tasmanian tiger mystery. Picture: Chris Kidd Source: Mercury

International team hopes to settle thylacine mystery once and for all

THE thylacine has officially been put on notice: the hunt is on.

An international team of naturalists from the Centre for Fortean Zoology has arrived in Tasmania for the first in a series of well-resourced and professional expeditions into Tasmania's wilderness to hunt for evidence of the Tasmanian tiger.

Although the animal was officially declared extinct in the 1980s, reports of thylacine sightings are still common and expedition leader Mike Williams from NSW has high hopes that they can find something.
"The problem with a lot of the sightings from members of the public is that they're generally caught by surprise, and their photos are taken on things like mobile phones and aren't very good," he said.

"It will take really good quality video to really convince anyone and preferably a video shot by a person, so we've brought as much gear as we can to improve our chances of being ready if we do see one." Mr Williams is highly regarded in his field and has spent many years searching for evidence of the big cats that are said to roam areas of rural NSW and Victoria.

He is careful not to be too specific about the regions they will investigate in Tasmania, but said they would focus on the state's northwest and southwest.

"We're meeting up with some eyewitnesses to begin with and that will help us narrow down our search areas," he said.

This first expedition of 10 people will run for about two weeks and will be one of eight or nine expeditions over the next two years.

The expedition includes British expeditioners Dr Chris Clarke and Richard Freeman – who have searched for giant anacondas in Africa and the Indonesian equivalent of Bigfoot on the island of Sumatra – and Hobart paranormal expert Dr Hannah Jenkins.

The Centre for Fortean Zoology is based in the UK and Australia and investigates "mystery animals" that are considered rare, extinct or undiscovered, such as the big cats rumoured to live in the Australian bush, and Australia's Bigfoot, the Yowie.

The thylacine has a special place in the international organisation's ethos: it is featured on their emblem.
While in Tasmania the group will also busy itself searching for evidence of feral foxes and identifying healthy devil populations free of the facial tumour disease.

"Let's hope between our resources, those of independent researchers, and the government's, something comes to light," Mr Williams said.


Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger) Albert Quarrell (Albe) with a dead Thylacine shot at Fitzgerald near Maydena Source: Supplied

Source :

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Week - Demons Ghosts & Spirits by STAR News Shared By Team SKB Ghostbusters !

Poltergeist Possession

A poltergeist levitates this woman up while she sleeps. It has been said, that before possession takes place, a persons body will be lifted up by a dark passenger who wishes to enter there body. The woman was taped for observation after telling Dr.s about her recurring night terrors and bad dreams. I bet they never expected this.

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Epic Halloween Prank by Tom Mabe

 Prankster Tom Mabe sent joggers running for their lives with his latest Halloween-themed contraption.

You'd be forgiven for being more than a little concerned at the sight of the grim reaper wailing and flying towards you, but that's exactly what happened to several passers-by at an otherwise ideallic park in Louisville, Kentucky.

Taking advantage of the Halloween season as a chance to engage in some paranormal-themed japery, serial prankster Tom Mabe dressed up a remote control helicopter like the grim reaper and filmed people's reactions as he chased them around with it.

"We have had a lot of fun making this," he said. "It’s taken some work to make it happen, but it’s great fun. It flies with the help of a remote control helicopter but you rig it up in a really brilliant way. It has to be quiet so people don’t hear it."

A video of the prank shows joggers and other park visitors fleeing in horror as the contraption flies after them while emitting a wailing noise. "The best bit is when you sneak up on people. We fly it about 200ft in the air and then drop it down so it’s right behind them," Mabe added.

Woman claims to have been healed by a ghost

A WOMAN believes she was healed by a ghostly apparition known as the White Lady as she visited a church during a family summer holiday.

Diane Berthelot believes she was healed by her contact with the White Lady
Diane Berthelot believes she was healed by her contact with the White Lady [MAURICE GRAY]

Diane Berthelot had been unwell for months after having her gall bladder removed and was taking antibiotics for an infection when she went into Worstead village church in Norfolk to rest and escape the heat.
While she sat on a pew close to the font and prayed for a full recovery, her husband Peter and son David wandered around the empty church taking photographs.
Mrs Berthelot remembers vividly tingling all over and feeling “warm and comfortable” while sitting on the wooden bench with her eyes closed and head bowed.
When she felt better the family left the church and did not think about the incident until six months later when the camera film was developed and they held a slide show of their holiday snaps for their lodger at their home in Chelmsford, Essex.
One photo clearly showed a woman wearing a bonnet and dressed in light-coloured, old-fashioned clothes, sitting facing Mrs Berthelot on a bench directly behind her.
ghost, healing, healed, gall bladder, infection, antibiotics, sick, ill, photo, photograph, worstead, norfolk, white lady

There was no sign of the spectral figure behind Diane when her husband took the photograph [PETER BERTHELOT]
I can remember the sensation that engulfed me sitting on that pew as if it was yesterday
Diane Berthelot
She said: “When we saw the white figure sitting behind me on the projector screen, we just stood there with our mouths open.
“My feet started to tingle. This sensation eventually engulfed the whole of me. It was a pleasant, comforting feeling.” Her husband added: “I had been walking around the church looking at various things.
“I came back, saw Diane sitting there and took the photo. I couldn’t see anyone behind her but it’s so clear on the image. It’s incredible.”
The following summer they went back to St Mary’s Church in Worstead and showed the slide to the vicar, who told them about a local legend that the White Lady was a healer who appeared when there was sickness.
The folklore also said that a man climbed into the church belfry on Christmas Eve in 1830, boasting he would kiss the White Lady if he saw her.
His friends later found him huddled in a corner whispering “I’ve seen her, I’ve seen her,” before dying. However, Mrs Berthelot, now 81 and living in North Walsham, Norfolk, believes her contact with the ghost was a positive experience which has boosted her health and spiritual well-being throughout her life.
ghost, healing, healed, gall bladder, infection, antibiotics, sick, ill, photo, photograph, worstead, norfolk, white lady
St Mary's Church in Worstead where the Berthelot's strange experience [GETTY]
And for decades after that first encounter on Saturday, August 2, 1975 she experienced the same tingling sensation every time she looked at the photo. She explained: “I always felt it was a blessing because my whole life seemed to change after we realised the White Lady had sat behind me. It inspired me to write poetry.
“I can remember the sensation that engulfed me sitting on that pew as if it was yesterday.”
Mr Berthelot, 82, said: “Every time we have been back to the church, it has been a very calming experience. I definitely believe in ghosts.”

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Shadowman Or Ghost Attack Caught On CCTV

Shadowman Or Ghost Attack Caught On CCTV

Shadowman Or Ghost Attack Caught On CCTV

Shadowman Or Ghost Attack Caught On CCTV

Source :

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Monday, October 21, 2013

Haloween season! Scary Dolls?

Children celebrating Halloween in the 19th century.

Ghost appears in window of house in Ohio

Paranormal activity had been taking place at the house for years. Image Credit: sxc.hu

A photograph taken of a house in Ravenna seems to show the face of a girl peering out of a window.

Over the last 20 years Lu Ann Sicuro claims to have experienced multiple cases of paranormal phenomena at her home in Ravenna, Ohio. The strange occurrences included mysterious voices, unexplained sounds coming her closet and doorknobs rattling by themselves.

The most interesting piece of evidence however is a photograph taken by her son of the outside of the house a few years ago. The image seems unremarkable at first glance but on closer inspection appears to show the face of a child peering out from one of the windows.

"I feel that this image is a very good photo of something paranormal caught on camera," said Lu Ann. "A very disturbing photo. It appears to be an image of a child. I believe the image in the photograph shows what is in our home. I've heard giggling, I've heard little footsteps."

A news report featuring close-ups of the photograph can be viewed below.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

"The Conjuring": How true is the haunted house movie?

(CBS News) "The Conjuring" is being called the scariest movie of the summer, and last weekend the haunted-house chiller drew more than $41 million at the box office, which was twice its budget, in just three days.

"The Conjuring" scares up hauntingly good reviews
The movie is about the alleged haunting of an 18th century Rhode Island farm house and is supposedly based on a true story, but some have their doubts.

However, Andrea Perron grew up in the farmhouse depicted in the film and she says that the movie is "essentially true." She lived there from 1971 until 1980 and told "CBS This Morning: Saturday" co-hosts Vinita Nair and Anthony Mason that her familiy's horrifying experiences began even as they were just moving into the home.

"I walked in with a box from the truck, and I greeted a gentleman that was standing in the dining room, and he ignored me as if I was a ghost," she said. "Both sisters saw him too, the two that followed me in, and the third walked into the kitchen and said, 'That man in the dining room just disappeared.' That was our first encounter."

Perron said that some things in the movie were changed in order to show the story, but it wasn't necessarily exaggerated. The movie makes it seem like everything happened in a short amount of time, but in reality these events occurred over their 10-year stay in the farmhouse. She also said there were things that the film did not touch because they were too scary.

She explained that eventually her family brought in Ed and Lorraine Warren, who were known as demonologists or paranormal investigators, and they seemed to make things worse.
"It really stirred things up in the house and unfortunately they opened a door they were not able to close," Perron said.

Even with all the terrifying experiences in that home, Perron continues to go back.
"It's the only place on Earth that feels like home to me," she said.
"The Conjuring" rakes in $41.5M to top box office
Perron wrote a book about her experiences called "House of Darkness, House of Light."
For Andrea Perron's full interview, watch the video in the player above.
© 2013 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Mysterious priest performs miracle at site of Mercedes crash

A mysterious priest that turned up at the scene of an accident in Missouri is being hailed as an 'angel'.

The accident involved a collision between two cars, one of which being driven by student Katie Lentz. Her car was partially crushed and emergency workers had been struggling to cut through the twisted wreck to free her when a black-garbed priest appeared on the scene and said he would pray for her. Nobody seemed to know who the priest was nor where he had come from, he wasn't from any of the local churches.

Shortly afterwards everything seemed to start going right - emergency workers succeeded in rescuing Lentz from the wreck and she was rushed to hospital. Turning to thank the priest for his support, rescue team members discovered that he had completely disappeared, never to be seen again. Even stranger was the fact that despite dozens of photographs being taken at the scene covering all aspects of the rescue, the mysterious priest did not appear in a single one of them.

Monday, July 29, 2013

SBS bus 'ghost' caught on camera

SBS bus 'ghost' caught on camera
16/3/09 monday
A Shin Min Daily reader captured a 'ghost' on his camera phone late on Sunday and sent the images to the paper.

According to the Chinese daily, the reader, Mr Chen Lai Fu, 40, said that he has had the ability to see spirits since he was 6 years old.

Mr Chen, who works in advertising, said that when he boarded the bus on Sunday night, he was surprised to find a small boy "playing a fool in the bus".

The boy, whom Mr Chen said looked to be about 9 years old, was playing and talking to himself, but no one on the bus seemed to notice.
He was at the front of the bus and even turned to talk to the bus driver, but the driver showed no response, said Mr Chen.

At one point, the boy even came to the back of the bus where he was sitting to "count the number people on the bus".

Mr Chen said the boy had asked the driver: "Was there an accident?" but the driver did not respond and did not seem to notice his presence.

He then moved to the back of the bus, where he sat beside Mr Chen, and began counting the number of passengers slowly before stopping to exclaim, "wow, so many people!"

Apparently, the boy took an interest in Mr Chen once he realised he could see him.

"He was wearing a grey jacket and yellow shorts. After he realised I was looking at him, he seemed afraid. However later on, he came back and wanted to play with me. He passed his jacket to me, but I ignored him."

Mr Chen said he was on the bus for seven minutes. Throughout the ride, the boy did not stop playing and according to Mr Chen, "creating a scene".

During the journey, Mr Chen noticed two male passengers, one Chinese the other, Indian, looking over in the boy's general direction, but they did not do anything.

"Till I got down the bus, no one reacted or did anything to stop the boy. I cannot confirm if anyone saw him."

'Third eye' developed after high fever

According to Mr Chen, he developed the ability to see spirits after he fell ill with a high fever when he was a child.

However, he only saw them as white shadows, until about 2006, when the figures began to take on human shapes and likeness.

"Some of these spirits walk on the tips of their toes, while others walk normally. I once saw 9 'slashes' or scars on the face of one spirit, that was the closest and clearest image I ever got," said Mr Chen.

What convinced Mr Chen that he was able to 'see' spirits around him, was because his friends around him were never able to see what he saw.

Capturing ghosts on film "not impossible"
According to a Chinese medium and "ghost-catcher", Mr Zhou De Fa, 33, spirits usually cannot be captured on camera clearly. However, Mr Zhou does not rule out the possibility.

Speaking to reporters from Shin Min, he said children of about four to six years of age are more likely to see spirits. Hence, one may find kids speaking to no one in particular, or they may be scared to go to a certain place.

In addition to children, the aged, as well as those who have had a bout of high fever, may be able to see spirits, said Mr Zhou.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Poltergeist activity caught on shop CCTV ?

Image credit: YouTube
A video has surfaced on the Internet that appears to show items in a shop moving by themselves.

Believed to have been filmed at a Whitstable Nutrition Centre in Kent, the video shows CCTV footage of a man browsing the aisles when a box of teabags on the shelf behind him begins to move on its own before hovering in the air for several seconds. The voices behind the camera suggest that a staff member is showing the video to a female friend who seems genuinely impressed by what she's seeing.

Since appearing on YouTube the video has received around 10,000 views and is beginning to circulate on social media sites. Does the footage represent evidence of paranormal activity or could there be a more conventional explanation ?

A remarkable video which appears to show a poltergeist in a Whitstable shop is proving an internet sensation. The clip on YouTube films security footage apparently taken at the Whitstable Nutrition Centre. As a shopper browses, a box emerges from the shelf behind him and hovers in the air.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

'Evil Spirit' Scam Plagues Asian Immigrants In NYC

NEW YORK -- One woman was told by a fortune teller that her son was possessed by demons. Another was approached on a Chinatown street by a stranger who eerily claimed her daughter would die in two days. A third was informed that her dead husband was communicating from the grave, telling her to hand over thousands in cash.

"Your son will die in a car accident – he is cursed," a 65-year-old was told.

In each instance, the women bundled up cash and jewelry in a bag and gave it to strangers they'd just met – self-proclaimed spiritual healers. They were told the contents would be blessed in an effort to ward off evil spirits, bring good luck to the family or heal a sick child – they just have to wait a period of time to re-open it.

When they do, they find water bottles, cough drops and beans. But no valuables.

Detectives say there has been a rash in New York of what's known as an evil spirit or blessing scam, where older immigrant women, mostly Chinese, are swindled out of their valuables by clever scammers arriving from China who prey on superstition and fear. In the past six months, two dozen victims have reported valuables stolen – in some cases more than $10,000 in cash and $13,000 in jewelry, according to police reports. A total of more than $1.8 million has been stolen.

"They know the culture, they know how to talk to these victims to get them to listen," chief New York Police Department spokesman Paul Browne said of the grifts. "One person's spirituality is another's superstition, and they prey on that distinction."

The scam itself has many permutations, but the basic principle is the same: A woman, usually in her 50s or older, is approached by a stranger, usually a younger woman, who asks the woman if she knows where to find a particular healer or fortune teller. Another seeming stranger joins the conversation, says she knows where the healer is located, and convinces the older woman to come along. The healer convinces the victim that in order to ward off some evil, she must hand over valuables in a bag to be blessed. And then they switch the bag.

Similar scams occur in other places in the U.S. with large Asian communities, such as Boston, Seattle, Chicago and in Hawaii. In San Francisco late last year, thieves stole about $2 million in nearly 60 cases. Police there called the scams an organized crime ring. The district attorney's office, police and politicians waged a public safety awareness campaign, including community meetings and a video depicting a reenactment of a scam and tips on how to spot one.

The grift may be prevalent right now in Asian neighborhoods, but it's also rampant in Haitian and Latino communities where there is also distrust of Western culture and banks, and plenty of cash and valuables kept at home, said Dr. Alan Hilfer, director of psychology at Maimonides Medical Center in New York.

"It has to do with the idea of not necessarily adopting Western belief systems about magic and incantation systems, but staying with some of their traditional spiritual beliefs," he said. "And, in many cases they're so lost and desperate in a foreign culture they will turn to anyone who offers them something in a language they can understand."

A similar public awareness campaign has been underway in New York. Detectives in Chinatowns in Brooklyn and Manhattan have canvassed the streets warning of the scams and put up posters in Mandarin and English warning women.

"The power of belief is serious," Hilfer said. "And faced with an idea of a very expensive, absolutely incomprehensible, say, MRI machine versus someone putting grains or coins into a bag with incantations, it's just less frightening and unfamiliar to them."

New York City detectives say there is no larger criminal organization at work here, most scammers operate in groups of three or five and then disappear after, mostly fleeing back to China. Some arrests have been made, but recovery of the valuables is difficult.

The awareness campaign helped one 67-year-old woman, who turned the tables on the scammers, police and prosecutors said. She was approached June 3 in Manhattan's Chinatown. A younger Chinese girl on the street asked where to find a particular doctor. The accomplice joined and said she knew the doctor, and a third woman turned up saying she was a relative. They persuaded the woman that she was cursed. But rather than go home and bundle up her valuables, she called the cops, who set up a sting and nabbed five suspects after they'd stolen the 67-year-old's bag of fake jewelry.

Manhattan prosecutors charged the five with grand larceny. They are all from China. Lawyers for three didn't return calls seeking comment. But a lawyer for Jun Liang, 44, and Jingchang Quan, 44 said his clients were innocent.

"The prosecution so far seems to be creating guilt by association by pointing out similar cases that have happened around the country," attorney Jae Lee said. "But to really make out a case they're going to have to prove that it was these particular individuals that had the intent to defraud people."

Browne said it looked like the sting broke the scammers' spell: There have been no new reported thefts since.

Student’s “Psychic Attack” at Japanese All-Girls School Sends 18 to Hospital

The strange series of events saw 18 schoolgirls end up in hospital after experiencing trouble breathing.

In a classic case of mass hysteria, troubles at the all-girls Kamigōri High school in Japan started when one girl complained of a "bad feeling" and started to hyperventilate. The mysterious symptoms soon began to spread as word got around that the girls were actually under "psychic attack", leading to several hospitalizations and calls from some of the students to bring in an exorcist.

The incident is the latest in a number of high profile mass hysteria cases that seem to predominantly involve all-girl schools in Japan and other countries where tales of ghosts, spirits and demons are commonplace.

Source : http://whofortedblog.com/2013/06/26/real-life-carrie-students-psychic-attack-at-japanese-all-girls-school-sends-18-to-hospital/

In a fantastically strange bit of news from the Land of the Rising Sun, a “psychic attack” straight out of a Stephen King novel was reported at an all-girls school, sending over a dozen to the hospital and shaking up the student body.

At the well-known prep school Kamigōri High in Hyogo, Japan, emergency services were called out and a reported 18 girls were taken to two separate hospitals after what was described as a bizarre, hour long “state of panic” during which dozens of teen girls began hyperventilating.

The initial incident began around 11:45am when a first year student began complaining of a “bad feeling”. Her hyperventilating sparked a chain of similar events that affected 17 first years, and one third year student.
Things got even stranger when rumors began spreading that the incident was actually the work of a psychic attack dealt from the first girl to exhibit the bizarre symptoms.

According to the Aioi police department, it was well known amongst the other students that the girl displayed “supernatural senses” and they believed she was to blame for the hospitalizations.

Some of the girls at Kamigori High took to Facebook and Twitter to air their concerns following the event.
“This doesn’t seem like simple hyperventilation,”fellow student Kaisei Yoshimura said. “There are a lot of suspicious rumors spreading around the internet. Wonder if they’re better off calling in an exorcist?”

The victims have since been released from the hospital and have shown no long term after effects. The girl accused of psychically attacking her fellow students has not responded to rumors about her alleged psychic abilities and authorities have not released her name to the public, although I suspect it might be Carrie.
What do you think happened at the prep-school? Did a Japanese “Carrie” show a display of psychic powers? Or was this simply a case of mass hysteria? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook, tweet us @WhoForted, or leave a comment below!

Cursed Phone Number

Cursed Phone Number!

Bulgarian Mobile Phone Company 'Mobitel' suspends phone number 0888 888 888 after everyone assigned to it died in rather unpleasant ways.

The first, one of their own bosses who died of cancer - investigation finds the cancer may have been the result of radiation poisoning.

The other two men were involved in shady business dealings ie. running cocaine and other criminal activities.

Curse or murderous rivals?

You judge, but just incase if by chance you are offered the number maybe go for another...

Amityville Ghost Boy Photo

Monday, July 1, 2013

School officials suspend classes over ‘evil spirits’

ONE OF the students allegedly possessed by evil"
spirits at Isaac Lopez Integrated School in
Mandaluyong City. 

Classes were suspended Thursday at Isaac Lopez Integrated School in Mandaluyong City after around 20 students aged between 12 and 16 started acting strangely—screaming, crying, fainting and convulsing—prompting claims that they were possessed by evil spirits.

Julie Esparagoza, a Grade 8 teacher at the public school, said the incident started shortly after 9 a.m. and initially involved two girls from her section.

She said that she and her students were in a classroom when one of the girls suddenly stood up and began acting strangely while the other lost consciousness.

Esparagoza added that the girl who stood up had to be restrained at one point since it looked like she was going to attack her unconscious classmate.

She said she immediately brought the two girls to separate classrooms where their behavior gradually returned to normal.

Esparagoza, however, said she later observed the same behavior among her other students who had stepped out of the classroom for their break.

According to her, she saw five girls and a boy “lying on the floor and shaking while others were crying frantically.”

A male student who refused to be named said he saw one girl “convulsing” on the ground near the stage in the middle of the playground while another was “in tears.” “I helped bring them to the principal’s office,” he said.

They were not the only students who were affected. Esparagoza said the same behavior was observed in other Grade 8 students from five different sections.

She added that she tried looking for a priest to help the affected students but the staff of two churches she called up told her that the priest was not available.

A pastor from the nearby Born-Again Jesus First Christian Ministries said he rushed to the school when he learned of the incident from a church member.

“The students were shouting: ‘I don’t want to! I don’t want to!’  Others were shouting ‘Princess!’” Pastor Boyet Sion told the Inquirer, saying that no one knew who Princess was.

He said he prayed for the students and they calmed down a  few minutes later.

According to Editha Septimo, the officer in charge of the high school section, some of the affected students were taken to the principal’s office while the others were brought to a classroom where a doctor attended to them.

Septimo said she had no choice but to suspend classes in the Grade 8 level at 10 a.m. after parents started rushing to the school to get their children out of fear that they would also be “possessed.”

“The parents were very frantic, some were hurling insults at us,” she added.

However, as soon as the unaffected Grade 8 students were allowed to go home, at least four Grade 7 students began exhibiting the same behavior, Esparagoza said.

This prompted Nerissa Lozaria, assistant schools division superintendent, to suspend classes in the entire school.

Several of the “possessed” students were allowed to go home after they calmed down while the others were taken to a nearby church where they were blessed, Esparagoza said.

A worker at the church who refused to be named said around 10 students were brought there for exorcism but they later left, some of them to attend Mass at Quiapo Church.

Those who witnessed the incident, meanwhile, were divided about what happened.

Septimo was skeptical and called the incident a case of “mass hysteria” caused by students who just wanted attention.

She cited one “possessed” student whose behavior immediately returned to normal after she was told she would be injected with something to calm her down.

Septimo said that this was the first such incident at the school.

Sion, for his part, said the incident was clearly a case of “evil spirits possessing the students.”

According to him, he heard reports that some of the affected pupils had earlier conducted a seance (spirit of the glass) at a cemetery near the school.

“They might have invited the spirits [to possess them],” he said.

His theory was supported by a church worker who said that two children were taken to the church hours before the incident at the school.

The complaint of those who brought the two children in: They seemed to be possessed by evil spirits.
The church worker said that several balete trees were cut down at the school only recently to give way to the construction of a covered court. This may have angered some spirits, the worker added.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ghosts & Hauntings Police archives recount paranormal reports - nearly 100 reports of aliens, monsters, werewolves, zombies and witches

Spooky.   A ghost tour at supposedly one of the most haunted place in Nottingham, the  Galleries of Justice.

NOTTS police have seen nearly 100 reports of sightings of aliens, monsters, werewolves, zombies and witches over the last three years.

The most calls asking for police to attend reports of scary creatures come from St Ann's and Sneinton, with 24 reports in 2012, according to a Freedom of Information request.
In 2010 there were 17 supernatural alarm calls throughout the city and county, followed by 31 in 2011 and 49 last year.

Notts Police attended less than half of these calls last year - only responding to 13 incidents out of the 49 called in.
After St Ann's and Sneinton which have clocked up 43 'monster' calls over the last three years, the second most spooked area is Carlton and Netherfield, from where eight calls have been received by police over the last three years, followed by Canning Circus where seven calls were received.

Jessica Gladwin owns Dusk Till Dawn ghost-hunting company, which is based in Chilwell. It organises tours of haunted venues throughout the UK and people who go along regularly report that they have seen some sort of paranormal activity.

Mrs Gladwin said she thinks that people are becoming more and more open-minded about other-worldly beings.

She said: "I personally saw a ghost in 2010 on one of our tours at the Galleries of Justice.

"It was a man, with a horrible grimace on his face, just staring at me. Usually for a spirit there can be a horrible smell, like sewers, and that happened before he appeared.

"I have seen an increase in the number of people susceptible to seeing spirits because people seem to be coming more and more open minded. I'm not surprised that the police have seen an increase in reports."
Over the last three years no one has been charged with wasting police time in relation to any of the calls referring to other-worldly beings in Notts.

Inspector Andy Hyslop of Notts Police said: "Some of the figures could be misleading as they are without context. For example, there have been occasions where reports including the word 'witchcraft' have been made by a persistent caller who was suffering with mental health issues.

"Another caller who made two calls relating to the term UFO had alcohol and mental health issues.
"In another example, we had records of the word ghost being used but some of those were reporting burglaries in which the word related to a brand of perfume or bicycle which was taken."

He added that Notts Police made sure they were responding appropriately.

"It would not be safe to have a non-attendance policy for these types of incidents as some may be mental health related or genuine concerns from potentially vulnerable persons," he said.

"The National Standards of Incident Recording place a responsibility on the force control room to assess threat, risk, harm, identify repeat victims and vulnerable victims and we in turn then assess whether attendance is required and grade any response according to our Nottinghamshire Police Graded Response Policy."

Over the last three years no one has been charged with wasting police time in relation to any of the calls referring to other-worldly beings in Notts.

Rotating Egyptian statuette museum mystery

An ancient Egyptian statuette that slowly turns without any apparent outside help in a museum in Manchester, England, has locals spookily talking about the curse of the pharoahs.

The 25 centimetre-high relic, an offering to the Egyptian God Osiris, was found in a mummy's tomb and has been at the Manchester Museum for 80 years.

In recent weeks it has become the cause for consternation after repeatedly being found facing the wrong way.

Time-lapse video of the statue of a man named Neb-Senu showed it rotating slowly by day, while staying still at night.

Some scientists have suggested the rotation is due to vibrations caused by footsteps of passing visitors. That's the theory favoured by British television physicist Brian Cox, who teaches at Manchester's university.
Manchester Museum curator Campbell Price, an Egyptologist, favours a more exotic theory, saying there may be a spiritual explanation for the turning statue.

"I noticed one day that it had turned around. I thought it was strange because it is in a case and I am the only one who has a key," Price told the Manchester Evening News.

"I put it back but then the next day it had moved again. We set up a time-lapse video and, although the naked eye can't see it, you can clearly see it rotate on the film. The statuette is something that used to go in the tomb along with the mummy.

"Mourners would lay offerings at its feet. The hieroglyphics on the back ask for 'bread, beer and beef'.
"In Ancient Egypt they believed that if the mummy is destroyed then the statuette can act as an alternative vessel for the spirit. Maybe that is what is causing the movement," Price said.

"Brian [Cox] thinks it's differential friction," he said. "Where two surfaces – the serpentine stone of the statuette and the glass shelf it is on – cause a subtle vibration which is making the statuette turn.

"But it has been on those surfaces since we have had it and it has never moved before. And why would it go around in a perfect circle?"

With a showman's touch, Price is urging members of the public to visit the museum to see for themselves.
"It would be great if someone could solve the mystery." he said.

Source : http://www.stuff.co.nz/oddstuff/8833112/Rotating-Egyptian-statuette-museum-mystery

Monday, June 24, 2013

Man ^dik^ stuck in another man's wife cause husband cast a black magic.

Man ^dik^ stuck in another man's wife cause husband cast a black magic.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Jail Cell happening?

A video showing something in the cell. What do you think?  I realised the "thing" close to the lens. You can see it also overlays the steel bars. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Documentary to unveil tiny humanoid 'alien'


An upcoming Steven Greer film will include examination footage of an alleged extraterrestrial entity.

Entitled "Sirius", the new documentary explores the UFO phenomenon and how various free energy technologies may be behind the advanced propulsion systems of alleged extraterrestrial craft. Former emergency medical physician Steve Greer is heading the film which also aims to shed new light on a suspected coverup by the government.

One of the most controversial aspects of the film is an examination of what is alleged to be a small humanoid alien creature. Autopsy footage of the entity will be featured along with x-ray images.

"What people need to understand is the secrecy around UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence really has nothing to do with ETs," said Greer. "It has to do with humans and the power that is resting in large corporations and financial interests that do not want you to know the truth."

An upcoming documentary promises to show an alleged, tiny "alien" being that was found a few years ago in Chile's Atacama Desert. And when we say tiny, we're talking six inches from head to ET toe.
Don't be fooled by the apparent size of the creature in the picture above, as the following image shows its true 6-inch stature.


The film, called "Sirius," will also depict how readily available forms of alternative energy technology are what extraterrestrials may be using to travel here from the cosmically improbable distances between their home world and ours.

If this is all true, and that's a very big IF, it will certainly answer the ages-old question of whether or not humans are alone in the universe.

The force behind "Sirius" is Steven Greer, a former emergency medical physician. He's actively pursued avenues to get the U.S. government to reveal information about alien reality -- information that the powers-that-be have always maintained doesn't exist.

"Sirius" includes graphic footage of the supposedly humanoid entity of "unknown classification" by DNA sequencing.

A side view X-ray of the miniscule creature was also released to reveal its internal structure.


The film is Greer's latest effort to shine a light on the supposed cover-up about visitors from other planets.
In 1993, Greer created The Disclosure Project with the goal of getting the government to fess up its alleged UFO and ET knowledge as well as information about advanced energy and propulsion methods.
"What people need to understand is the secrecy around UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence really has nothing to do with ETs. It has to do with humans and the power that is resting in large corporations and financial interests that do not want you to know the truth," Greer said in a video statement.

'Sirius' Theatrical Trailer - It Is Time For You To Know

Friday, June 7, 2013

What are ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) and how does a person become one?

Article i found :

1. What are ghosts? 

When a person dies only his gross body (sthūladēha) ceases to exist. His subtle-body (consisting of the subconscious mind, intellect, ego and soul, i.e. minus the physical body) however continues to exist and moves on to the other regions of the universe. Refer to the picture below for more detailed view of what we are comprised of and what we leave behind after death.

What are we comprised of?

Some of these subtle-bodies become ghosts. Ghosts by definition meet all of the following criteria:
  • They are subtle-bodies.
  • They belong to the Nether region (Bhuvarlok) or one of the seven regions of Hell (Pātāl) but they are found on Earth region (Bhūlok) too. This is because ghosts from the more subtle-regions of the universe can travel to the more gross ones like Earth at will.

  • They do not exist in the positive planes of the universe i.e. Heaven (Swarga) and above.
  • They have unfulfilled desires such as cravings for sex, alcohol (things that they can only experience through a gross body), revenge etc.
  • They derive pleasure out of exerting control over and tormenting humans and other subtle-bodies. Their general aim is aligned with bringing about unrighteousness in society.
The subtle-body of a person after physical death is defined as a ghost if their characteristics and intentions match the above. There is no special process as such which they go through to become a ghost.

Becoming ghost

2. What decides where we go and what we become after death? 

When we die, our course in the after-life is decided by a number of factors. These factors include:
  • The number and type of impressions that are created in the sub-conscious mind depending on how we have lived our lives. Refer to the article on the impressions in our mind that decides our basic nature and personality.
  • Our ego: The word ‘ego’ is used in a spiritual context here. In addition to its everyday usage as self esteem and self conceit, it also includes the attitude of duality with God. Duality means thinking of oneself as having an existence separate from God. Ego is a function of the extent to which we identify with our 5 senses, mind and intellect instead of identifying with the soul or the God within us.
  • The type of deeds done during our life-time.
  • The extent and the type of spiritual practice we had undertaken during our lifetime.
  • Our Destiny
  • The type of death – natural and peaceful, violent or accidental.
  • The type of funeral.
  • The rituals as per Spiritual science done by our descendants after our death to help us in our after life.

3. Who are likely to become ghosts? 

People are likely to become ghosts after their death when
  • They have many unfulfilled desires.
  • Many personality defects, such as anger, fear, greed, etc.
  • A lot of negative impressions in the mind.
  • A high amount of ego.
  • They have harmed others and have the basic nature of harming others.
  • They lack spiritual practice consisting of progressive level of surrender of mind body and intellect, done with the intention of God-realisation.
Only people who have reached the 50% (samashṭi) or 60% (vyashṭi) spiritual level and have low ego are able to proceed to the higher regions of Heaven and beyond and do not become ghosts. The rest of humanity, when they die, finds themselves in the regions of the Nether world and Hell. Most subtle-bodies in the Nether region are highly likely to become ghosts. All subtle-bodies in Hell are ghosts. 

In fact, even if one is a gentleman but doesn’t have enough spiritual strength through spiritual practice, he is liable to become a ghost when he dies. This is because he is attacked by higher level ghosts and is controlled by them. Just as on Earth, in the other regions of the universe also, ‘might is right’ and only the strongest survive. Ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) of a higher level, with their high spiritual strength, make the subtle-bodies of ‘gentlemen’ of lower spiritual strength, do things against their will and thus indirectly make them ghosts. Over a period of time, the subtle-body of the ‘gentleman’ too succumbs and becomes a ghost deriving pleasure through tormenting humans or fulfilling their worldly desires by possessing humans.

The moral here is that, if we do not undertake spiritual practice according to the universal six basic principles of Spirituality and do not reduce our ego, then the probability of us becoming ghosts, after our death is very high.

4. Who do not become ghosts? 

They are typically people who:
  • Do spiritual practice with the intention of achieving God-realisation (the ultimate in spiritual growth).
  • Have less impressions in the mind, fewer personality defects, etc.
  • Have a low ego.
  • Are above the 50% (samashti) or 60% (vyashti) spiritual level.
When such persons die they move on to the higher regions, i.e. Heaven and beyond. Ghosts cannot influence or take them into custody due to their spiritual strength and protection from God.

5. Spiritual level and ghosts

Throughout the section on ghosts, we refer to higher level ghosts who have a lot of spiritual energy as a result of intense spiritual practice and penance. As a result, they have a high spiritual level and a lot of spiritual power. This may seem contradictory as one may ask, “How can one become a ghost when one has a high spiritual level?” The spiritual power of a Saint at the 70% spiritual level and a superior ghost such as a subtle-sorcerer (māntrik) from the 5th region of Hell may be the same. However, the key differences between them are:
  • The Saint does spiritual practice with the intention of surrendering his body, mind, wealth, ego, etc. to God so as to merge with Him.
  • The superior ghost or a person with high spiritual power (who after death becomes a ghost) does spiritual practice with the intention of gaining supernatural powers so as to play ‘God’ and thus has a lot of ego.
The Saint would identify more with the God principle or the soul within. The subtle-sorcerer on the other hand is very proud of the fact that he has the spiritual strength and identifies with his ego i.e. the 5 senses, mind and intellect.

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