Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Security Guard Driven Insane By Female Ghost

A 45-year-old security guard at a department store claimed he kept seeing a woman ghost in a white dress who followed to haunt him. He requested to see the Abbot at Phosamphan temple. But he abruptly became insane and shattered the mirrored doors of the parsonage.

PATTAYA – January 25, 2013 [PDN]; at 11 p.m., a report of a madman shattering a temple mirror in the Abbot’s parsonage was received by Pol. Capt. Vitsanu Chaisuwan, Deputy Inspector, Pattaya police station.
The incident occurred at the Phosamphan temple, located on the side of Pattaya-Na Kleu road, Moo 5 Tambon Na Kleu, Amphur Banglamung.

At the scene, police found the monks and novice monks restraining the trouble maker, identified as Mr. Phonsiri Janthamas, age 45. He had been cut by the damaged mirror on his left hand, which was bleeding heavily.

Mr. Phonsiri was trembling uncontrollably and appeared to be deathly afraid of something. He told police that he could see the ghost standing beside the wall of temple. The officers tried to calm him down, but were unable to calm his intense fear that made him insane. So the police restrained him and brought him to the police station to calm his emotion.

Officers inspecting the parsonage of the abbot discovered that one of the sliding mirror doors to the entrance had been hit until it was broken. Police questioned the Abbot, who said he had been sleeping in the parsonage, when he heard an intruder attacking the mirrored door until it shattered.

The sound of the violence scared the Abbot so much, he thought a robber had come to rob or beat him. So the Abbot didn’t dare to venture out of the parsonage, and waited for the police to arrive.

Police then questioned the suspect’s co-worker, identified as Mr. Wutthiphong Phangdaboot, age 26. He told the police that Mr. Phongsiri is a security guard at a department store in north Pattaya.

After the two men had finished their work shift that night, Mr. Phongsiri asked Mr. Wutthiphong to bring him to this temple to see the monk, because he was being haunted by a woman ghost all the time. But after they arrived at the temple, Mr. Phongsiri’s mind suddenly snapped, and he ran to attack the mirrored doors of the Abbot’s parsonage.

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