Monday, April 22, 2013

UFODI News: UFO's in formation fly low over Cork,Ireland

Groups of strange bright circular objects have been filmed flying in formation in the skies over Ireland.

Filmed by a Youtube user known as "Naktis Ireland", the objects were caught on camera as they passed over the top of houses in Cork. "I am sorry for the quality, it was filmed with a mobile phone," he wrote. "Ironically I had a Canon EOS 55D with 300 mm lens at home that could of filmed in 3000x3000 but I was afraid that they would disappear by the time I got my camera as this is a very rare opportunity so instead, used a phone to record as much as possible."

The footage has come under considerable scrutiny since appearing online. Best-selling author Whitley Strieber has suggested the lights could be flares or sky lanterns. "The thing that bothers me about them is that I am seeing that slow falling motion, not like something powered at all. I think that they are too large to be fireworks," he said.

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