Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A bizarre image allegedly found on Google Street View has become an Internet phenomenon.

Diptych of the making of a monster cat (via Imgur & Google Earth)

The half-cat went viral after appearing online and has since become a hot topic. Rumors suggested that the picture had been taken by one of Google's Street View cars in an otherwise unremarkable suburban neighborhood. Unsurprisingly however it didn't take long for the image to be debunked.

As it turns out, the eponymous feline wasn't found on Google Street View at all but was instead uploaded by a Imgur user. Named Thumbelina, the cat is just a run-of-the-mill pet from Canada combined with a healthy dose of Photoshop.


The Street View half-cat mystery has been solved!

17 hrs ago
Was it a cat species as yet unknown to science, or some kind of mutant beast from another dimension? We're talking about the mystifying half-cat that had certain Internet-heads shaking in wonderment earlier today after allegedly being randomly captured by Google Street View. Now the answers are in. After careful analysis (thank you, msnNOW commenters), it's … a cat walking down the street! A cat named Thumbelina, actually, with a little judicious Photoshop thrown in for that half-cat effect! Oh, and apparently the picture isn't from Street View. The photo, of Thumbelina sashaying along in Ottawa, Canada, was actually posted by an Imgur user. Which is not to say that half-cats don't exist in another dimension, just that this, sadly, isn't one. [Source]

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