Sunday, May 12, 2013

Japan Suicide Forest

Japan suicide forest # each of the paranormal "attracted" many commit suicide believe it or not

Integrated light network quoted United Kingdom's daily mail newspaper reported that Japan Aokigahara forest scenic spot of Mount Fuji (Aokigahara Forest) is a secluded atmosphere, full of bizarre suicides, each of up to hundreds of bodies were found here.

As to why so many people in the forest by his own life, remains a mystery.

However, the analysis said, the earliest one who here is a novel on the background of this stimulus. Research geologists with the high incidence of suicide Azusa Hayano starred in a video here, for people to talk about what he learned.

It is reported that only his men over the past 20 years, he found more than 100 bodies in here.

Edited by Japanese search on the Internet found that information mostly for Aokigahara suicide forest, although Japan has not formally recognized foreign media here for the places with the highest number of suicides in the world, but love to commit suicide tend to choose to end their lives is an indisputable fact.

Possessed of Japan media quoted the English-language reports, local police to save the lives of suicide, erected at the forest wherever that says, "you have to carefully consider" "please contact us" slogan, such as warning signs. According to unofficial statistics, before 2003, people here die each year of up to more than 100 persons. In 2010, the 247 people trying to commit suicide, suicide was being 54 people.

It is said that there are many legends about the paranormal. High incidence of suicide has been plagued Japan a major social problem. One of the reasons, Japan society social prejudice on patients suffering from mental diseases, patients with nervous on the employment issue.

In addition, some analysts, Japan culture of suicidal behavior in social tolerance also play a contributory role, at the same time, such as lack of medical help for mental patients are also important causes of high incidence of suicide.

Japan Fuji sights Aokigahara forest (Aokigahara Forest) is a secluded atmosphere, full of bizarre suicides, each of up to hundreds of bodies were found here.

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