Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ghosts & Hauntings Police archives recount paranormal reports - nearly 100 reports of aliens, monsters, werewolves, zombies and witches

Spooky.   A ghost tour at supposedly one of the most haunted place in Nottingham, the  Galleries of Justice.

NOTTS police have seen nearly 100 reports of sightings of aliens, monsters, werewolves, zombies and witches over the last three years.

The most calls asking for police to attend reports of scary creatures come from St Ann's and Sneinton, with 24 reports in 2012, according to a Freedom of Information request.
In 2010 there were 17 supernatural alarm calls throughout the city and county, followed by 31 in 2011 and 49 last year.

Notts Police attended less than half of these calls last year - only responding to 13 incidents out of the 49 called in.
After St Ann's and Sneinton which have clocked up 43 'monster' calls over the last three years, the second most spooked area is Carlton and Netherfield, from where eight calls have been received by police over the last three years, followed by Canning Circus where seven calls were received.

Jessica Gladwin owns Dusk Till Dawn ghost-hunting company, which is based in Chilwell. It organises tours of haunted venues throughout the UK and people who go along regularly report that they have seen some sort of paranormal activity.

Mrs Gladwin said she thinks that people are becoming more and more open-minded about other-worldly beings.

She said: "I personally saw a ghost in 2010 on one of our tours at the Galleries of Justice.

"It was a man, with a horrible grimace on his face, just staring at me. Usually for a spirit there can be a horrible smell, like sewers, and that happened before he appeared.

"I have seen an increase in the number of people susceptible to seeing spirits because people seem to be coming more and more open minded. I'm not surprised that the police have seen an increase in reports."
Over the last three years no one has been charged with wasting police time in relation to any of the calls referring to other-worldly beings in Notts.

Inspector Andy Hyslop of Notts Police said: "Some of the figures could be misleading as they are without context. For example, there have been occasions where reports including the word 'witchcraft' have been made by a persistent caller who was suffering with mental health issues.

"Another caller who made two calls relating to the term UFO had alcohol and mental health issues.
"In another example, we had records of the word ghost being used but some of those were reporting burglaries in which the word related to a brand of perfume or bicycle which was taken."

He added that Notts Police made sure they were responding appropriately.

"It would not be safe to have a non-attendance policy for these types of incidents as some may be mental health related or genuine concerns from potentially vulnerable persons," he said.

"The National Standards of Incident Recording place a responsibility on the force control room to assess threat, risk, harm, identify repeat victims and vulnerable victims and we in turn then assess whether attendance is required and grade any response according to our Nottinghamshire Police Graded Response Policy."

Over the last three years no one has been charged with wasting police time in relation to any of the calls referring to other-worldly beings in Notts.

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