Monday, September 15, 2014

'Ghost Box' creator Frank Sumption has died

A voice recorder is often used to capture EVP. Image Credit:
The man behind a controversial device designed to communicate with spirits has died of a heart attack.

Known as "Frank's Box", the device was developed by Sumption back in 2002 and utilized the concept of electronic voice phenomena (EVP) to speak to spirits, a method in which background noise is recorded by a microphone and then analyzed in the belief that voices can be heard in the static.

The eccentric EVP enthusiast claimed at the time that even the designs for the device had been received from the spirit world.

Sumption never put his devices up for general sale but instead created only a limited run of about 180 units and distributed them only to a select few people who he felt should have one.

Despite the highly controversial nature of his invention and the lack of evidence to suggest that it had ever been able to communicate with the dead, the "Frank's Box" would go on to influence the field of EVP like nothing before it - ushering forth a whole new era of paranormal investigation.

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