Sunday, October 19, 2014

Playing or Halloween or act of unnatural?

Taken from Stomp and contributed by stomper 3B2.  The 2 creepy incident happened at AMK Ave 6, near Presbyterian High School. 
The 2 stories related ? Part of a Halloween Program, Someone play Prank or Unnatural ?
What do you think?
Reference :
Man with bloodied face appears at AMK school

Stompers John and 3B2 said this man with cuts and blood on his face appeared at their school in Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6 yesterday (Oct 18).
His appearance was said to have shocked students and teachers. However, it is unclear what exactly happened. The man was apparently sent to hospital.

John wrote in his email:
"A spooky man was standing in the rain during the open house of Presbyterian High School on Oct 18.
"It was also seen that he had cuts on his face, which was bleeding.
"Upon being chased out by security of PHS, the guy kneeled down and started praying.
"An ambulance was then called and guy was sent to hospital."
3B2 told Stomp:
"He was saying something like he was reborn and that he wanted a cigarette from our security officer.
"It was really creepy and he even gave some of the teachers a shock with his appearance."
However, what makes this even stranger is that 3B2 had also come across another creepy sight nearby yesterday. He spotted an Annabelle-like doll next to Presbyterian High School.

and see also :
Creepy doll with red marks on face gives passers-by the chills at Ang Mo Kio Ave 6
Stomper 3B2 saw a doll with red marking on its face left next to Presbyterian High School in Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6.
The doll was placed under an umbrella together with a drink cup and a bottle drink.
"Looks like the Annabelle craze has gone too far," said 3B2.
"Now someone set up a doll with red marks on its face, just like Annabelle."


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