Monday, February 23, 2015

Eerie figure frequents haunted Boston pub

Unexplained noises and an unwanted presence have spooked staff members at the city's Robin Hood pub.

The historic building, which was once a coaching inn, has already seen its fair share of ghost stories over the years but now current landlord Rob Hancock, who is himself a skeptic, has experienced several peculiar incidents that he cannot explain.

Many of these have involved instances of sudden loud noises and doors slamming by themselves, but most of the activity at the pub has centered around sightings by several different staff members of a tall mysterious figure wearing a long coat.

In one case a man visiting the pub with his dog reported witnessing the apparition in the lounge.

"His dog was in the other room and it went ballistic and its fur was standing up on end," said Hancock. "He then looked in the doorway and could see a figure. He thought it was someone messing around. It was a tall man in a long trench coat, with a hat."

Several of the loud noises heard in the building have also caused alarm among the staff.

"We have all experienced lots of noise, bangs and crashes," said Hancock. "One day me and the cleaner were in the kitchen and I thought a lorry had come through the pub wall."

The disturbances got so bad that a paranormal group was called in to investigate. During their time in the building they experienced cold spots, doors slamming and disembodied voices.

No definitive explanation for the activity has yet been found.

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