Saturday, March 21, 2015

Human Hybrid Man found in Sichuan Province in China?

This video displays the Bigfoot hybrid man footage which was taken in Sichuan Province in China, Watch now.

The mother of the Hybrid man claimed that she was kidnapped and raped by The Chinese Wildman and then she gave birth to this “Yeren Ape Man” who suffers from poor brain function and mental disorder!

Real or fake, you decide!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mystical Tatoo

People go absolutely coconuts at the Wat Bang Phra Tattoo Festival. We were there last year to capture the madness.

" In Thailand, sak yant tattoos are widely believed to bestow magical powers upon their wearers. There is arguably no better place to witness these powers on display than the festival's famous Wai Khru gathering, where freshly inked men become wildly possessed by the spirits of their animal tattoos. "

Flying Head!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Celebrity Ghost Stories-Must watch video!!!

Ghosts are entities without physical forms that normal humans can see. Ghostly encounters are often scary as well as intriguing. Here are some celebrity ghost stories.

Supernatural Scooby Doo

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Eerie figure photographed at Hampton Court

Holly Hampsheir, left, is being followed though Hampton Court by a ghostly apparition 

The 12-year-old school girl turns around only to discover that the ghoul had disappeared 

Source :

Two schoolgirls got the fright of their lives after going over the pictures they took during their visit.

12-year-old Holly Hampsheir and her cousin Brook McGee had been enjoying a day out at England's historic Hampton Court, a 16th century palace that remains a popular tourist attraction.

As they walked around the building Brook took some photographs of Holly on her iPhone and thought nothing more of it until the two girls looked over the pictures later on that day. They were horrified to discover that one of the images showed a tall, dark figure standing right next to Holly as she was walking past a fireplace.

The bizarre apparition appears almost twice the size of the 12-year-old and possesses long locks of flowing hair that cascade down to below her waist. The figure's face cannot be seen on the image but she appears to be wearing a blue dress or robes that seem eerily old-fashioned.

Neither of the girls had seen anything at the time the picture was taken and there was nobody else in the room that could account for the peculiar proportions of the figure in the photograph.

Dame Sybil Penn died of smallpox in 1562 at Hampton Court, pictured, and has been haunting it since 
Dame Sybil Penn died of smallpox in 1562 at Hampton Court, pictured, and has been haunting it since

Funny Video

Story about woman with walking stick in Toa Payoh

Source :: 


Stomper Az@i recounts a bizarre episode involving his mother that started when she met a lady with a walking stick at Toa Payoh Central.

The lady had asked the Stomper's mother for $2, but after she refused to give the money, strange things happened.

In an email to Stomp, the Stomper wrote:

"Few weeks back, my mum, dad and my little niece was on their way to lunch at Toa Payoh Central, when this weird thing happened.

"My dad was in one of the shops there buying something, while my mom and niece were standing outside the shop.

"Then came this lady with a walking 3-point stick and shiny black hair. She was also carrying a handbag.

"She stopped in front of my mum. 

"She was asking for $2 and kept staring at my mum.

"My mum had her hands full with NTUC plastic bags and was looking after my small niece and thus, my mother did not give her any money and walked away.

"My small niece looked back and said the lady's eyes turned blood red then. She had an angry face and kept uttering something.

"My small niece was scared and asked my mum to just give her $2...but, when my mom turned back the lady had disappeared.

"They did not bother much about what happened and went to have lunch.

"Once my parents and small niece reached home, my dad felt uneasy and vomited.

"The next morning, my mum vomited non-stop and kept crying saying that her head was so pain.

"We thought it was food poisoning, thus we called the ambulance down and my mum got admitted to the hospital.

"My mum was warded a week: 12 bottles of blood were collected as well as her spine fluids as doctors suspected mum might have brain cancer or HIV.

"But nearly a week plus after my mum was admitted, doctors can't actually figure out what happened to her as they checked that my mum was healthy inside out.

"The doctors later agreed to discharge my mum after much disagreement with my family to her keep her in the hospital longer.

"Mum kept vomiting and was crying in pain constantly. She felt the tension in her head.

 "We had no choice but to bring her to a traditional witchdoctor. Mum was cured then.."

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