Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Pabna school closed over ‘toilet ghost’ panic


Several pupils have fallen ill after entering a bathroom attributed with the death of a schoolgirl.

The unusual series of events, which took place in the Pabna District of Bangladesh, began on Wednesday when 11-year-old Rumi Khatun became seriously ill and later died in hospital after using a bathroom at the Bordanagar Govt. Primary School.

Soon afterwards several other pupils at the school also started to feel ill after using the toilets, prompting the belief that a ghost had taken up residence there. Before long concerns over the matter had grown to the point where the school had to be closed down.

Locals later attempted to solve the problem by using a special ritual to try and cleanse the building.

"People use to believe that there is a ghost in the school as there was a long palm tree rumored to have a ghost many years ago," said Ataur Rahman Tota, chairman of the Saikola Union Parishad.

"After the schoolgirl died, locals believe that it was the same ghost now taking shelter in the toilet. That is why we have taken a step to remove the ghost from the school."

It isn't clear whether his efforts have succeeded in preventing any further incidents.


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