Thursday, April 28, 2016

Possession epidemic hits schools in Malaysia

Mystery 'body possession' epidemic sweeps through Malaysian schools, causing teachers and pupils to collapse while 'being pinned down by evil spirits'

Students claim they are seeing evil spirits such as female vampiric ghosts
The incident of mass hysteria saw 20 students sent home from one school
One teacher also complained of being physically pinned down by a spectre
Religious leaders have been invited into schools to remove the 'bad spirits'

Education chiefs in the Kota Baru region are now using shamans and religious leaders to try and clear the schools of the supposed 'bad spirits'.
The latest school to be struck by the hysteria was SMK Pengkalan Chepa 1, which avoided spreading it by sending five female students home for the day.
Those affected by the bizarre hysteria claim to be overwhelmed by bad spirits and see spirits such as the pontianak, a type of female vampiric ghost popular in Malaysian folklore.
Pontianaks are said to be the spirits of women who died while giving birth who return to prey on men.
Teacher Norlelawati Ramli, 32, even claimed she felt something pinning her down after she tended to a student who was complaining of seeing demons.
Wiru Sankala, a traditional medicine expert, told the website the hot weather and earlier reports of the hysteria were perpetuating the problem
A headline in a Straits Times article about a mass hysteria outbreak at the factory of General Electric (USA) Television and Appliance in January 1973.
KOTA BARU (THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - There seems to be an "epidemic" of mass hysteria after three more schools were affected over the past one week.

The latest schools to be struck with the "body possession phenomenon" are SMK Pengkalan Chepa 1 (five female students), SMK Kemumin (20 students) and SMK Kubang Kerman 3 (eight students).
The school administration of SMK Pengkalan Chepa 1 managed to control the situation by sending the affected students home to stop other students from being affected.

A students affairs head, who declined to be named, confirmed that the students were struck by alleged hysteria.

At SMK Kemumin, 20 female students from four classes were overwhelmed by the same phenomenon and were immediately sent home.

A check at the school at 8am on Monday (April 18) showed that the students were gathered to recite religious verses in an attempt to rid the bad spirits from the school.

Meanwhile, a renowned local traditional medicine expert, Wiru Sankala, said the hot weather and repressed emotion and the reports of the mass hysteria that went viral could be the cause of the hysteria that has affected several schools.

State deputy education director Jaafar Ismail said the schools should be left alone to sort out the problem.

SMK Pengkalan Chepa 2 first reported cases of hysteria, affecting more than 100 students and teachers. The school was shut down on Thursday.
The problem became so bad that education chiefs resorted to sending shamans and other religious practitioners in to the schools in an effort to cleanse the buildings of evil spirits.

But are these really cases of paranormal phenomena or is there something else going on ?


Currently, a spate of cases on hysteria in SMK Pengkalan Chepa 2, Kota Baru, has the nation wondering how to deal with such a situation. So far, authorities have decided to close down the school after a ‘black figure’ was spotted on camera. The picture is currently making its rounds on social media.

Black figure, supposedly of the apparition, caught on camera by a student

The news has gotten international press recognition, most recently being covered by UK paper The Telegraph detailing the issue with testimony of teachers as well as students.

Universiti Malaysia Pahang Lecturer created an anti-hysteria kit!!!???

Flashback to May 2015. Universiti Malaysia Pahang had a lecturer who released an anti-hysteria kit. In fact, Dr Mahayuddin Ismail from the university’s Centre for Modern Languages and Human Sciences still has a webpage on the university website promoting his ‘pre-commercial’ product.
The vice-chancellor of the university, Dr Daing Nasir Ibrahim, had even gone to the press to give testimony that this product from his institution’s work at the Education Ministry’s office in Putrajaya on April 30, highlighted here in The Malay Mail Online dated May 1, 2015.

The kit includes salt, vinegar, black pepper and even chopsticks, priced at RM8,500 which includes expert training, further treatment if cases are chronic, three refills for items in the kit, a lecture session, risk management costs and even online consultation services.

After the kit’s media coverage received brickbats, the lecturer himself came out and said that this kit worked, going so far as to say that he has tested the kit on 50 cases successfully. In fact, Mahyuddin goes so far to say that the kit had been used in cases in schools in Kedah successfully. However, he doesn’t mention which schools.

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